School Facilities Steering Committee Holds First Meeting

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The School Facilities Steering Committee appointed by the Central Community School Board met Tuesday evening at Central High school. This initial meeting, run by superintendent Faulk, was intended to summarize and present the work done by the previous facilities committee. The published materials which were the result of the last committees efforts were given to each of the new committee members. The materials included the initial Limited Building Assessment of the facilities, the JVV Consulting report on maintenance needs, and detailed demographic studies. Also included was a summary of all proposed facilities solutions considered by the last committee prior to the failed tax election earlier this year.

The committee received an education on bond issues presented by a representative of the bond company that handles bond issues for the majority of school systems in Louisiana. Other discussions of the evening centered around current sales tax revenues and the growth trends of the student population in the Central School System.

The meeting was attended by most committee members and a number of guests including school board members, school system staff, and interested citizens. The meeting was held solely for the purpose of giving the new steering committee all of the information gathered by the previous committee so that the process of moving forward does not include doing work which has already been completed and documented.

Mr. Faulk explained that consulting firms were currently being interviewed and would be hired at the direction of the school board for the purpose of doing studies of existing facilities and anticipated facility needs. The next meeting date will be e-mailed to all committee members in the near future.

Downloadable copies of the information given to the committee will be available on in the next few days. For those wishing to stay informed each step of the way as this process moves forward, follow this link to sign up for automatic updates: SCHOOL FACILITIES UPDATES.