Recycling- Did You Know?

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While you can recycle many types of cardboard cartons, you cannot recycle pizza boxes, frozen food containers, or takeout containers.

You can recycle glass jars and bottles, but you cannot recycle light bulbs, mirrors, pyrex, drinking glasses, or window glass.

You can recycle aluminum, tin, and metal alloy cans, but you cannot recycle metal hangers, aluminum foil, pie pans, or non-food metal containers, including aerosol cans.

You can recycle plastic containers with the numbers 1 through 7 inside the triangle symbol on the bottom. You may not recycle toys, hangers, plastic packing materials, or plastic bags.

Many people don’t realize or just forget that they can recycle paper. This includes junk mail, coupons, white or colored paper, paper shopping and grocery bags (with handles removed), magazines, newspapers, telephone books, paperback books, and shredded paper. The only paper you may not recycle includes soiled paper, carbon paper, hard back books, and photographs. Be sure to remove rubber bands and plastic delivery bags from newspapers and magazines before recycling.