Invitation to Read Health Care Bill

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healthcareThe following is a message from Senator Vitter concerning health care reform:

As you know, the U.S. House of Representatives recently introduced  a
health care bill, and I wanted  to take this opportunity to let you know I have
provided a copy of the bill for you to read  at all of my eight office locations.

    a.. Acadiana Office – 800 Lafayette Street, Suite 1200, Lafayette
    b.. Southwest Office – 3221 Ryan Street, Suite E,  Lake Charles
    c.. Baton Rouge/River Parishes Office – 858 Convention Street, Baton Rouge
    d.. Southeast Office – 2800 Veterans Boulevard, Suite 201, Metairie
    e.. Central Louisiana Office- 2230 South MacArthur Drive, Suite 4, Alexandria
    f.. Northwest Louisiana Office- 920 Pierremont Road, Suite 113, Shreveport
    g.. Northeast Louisiana Office- 1217 North 19th Street, Monroe
    h.. Washington, DC Office – 516 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, DC
You may also access the health care bill and  continuous updates to the bill and the
debates on my website.

This  is a critical point in America’s future, and  I believe everyone should have
access to the  proposed bills.  This access allows the public to be well informed
during  this debate and understand how this legislation will affect them. 

Again, do not hesitate to contact one of my eight  offices or feel free to check my
website,,  for up-to-date  information on health care reform.

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