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The following article was printed on November 3, 2009 in Louisiana Football Magazine by Lee Brecheen. Congratulations to the Central High Football Team for their recognition and a great season. Thank you to Mr. Brecheen for the permission to publish his article.

Central Has All the Football Weapons

by Lee Brecheen

Central High School in the 1970’s was a powerhouse with Head Coach Sonny Jackson at the Helm. Quarterback Steve Ensminger in the late 70’s had Central in the title hunt for a couple of years. It took until the year 2007 to turn the program around to be title contenders again. Head Coach Sid Edwards started building the program and boy has he ever. In 2008 Central was a play away from beating last year’s State Champion, Destrehan, in the play offs to go to the Superdome. 

This year Sid Edwards in my opinion has his most talented football team that he has ever coached. That’s right. Better than the two state championship teams at Redemptorist High School. The Wolves had some special players, however; talent wise they never had the type of offensive line, quarterback, and wide receivers at one time like Central has.
I have to say, what amazes me about Coach Edwards is that he lost not only a number of assistants including Coach Neil Weiner to Zachary, but also three, three year starting, running backs led by Antonio Dunn, and this year’s team is better. 

I’ve watched over 250 teams on film already this year and there are only a few schools that stand out. They are Central, West Monroe, Neville, Breaux Bridge, and Edna-Karr. This is the best offensive line I’ve seen at Central in many years, the best wide receiver core at one time, one of the best Quarterbacks, and lastly one of the quickest defenses ever. If there is a weakness, It would be that they are not extremely big on the defensive line, and if you can play, keep away from their offense and control the clock, running the ball. The only team, I think that could do that in 5A is West Monroe. 

Let’s take a look at some of Central’s top players, and who will sign scholarships.

Quarterback Will Briscoe has a great touch on the football, a good arm, and is very accurate in the spread offense.Will weighs 180 pounds and is 6-2 and in college he will weigh close to 200 pounds. This kid is so calm in the pocket and he’s well coached. Will can go D-1, and has many 1-AA offers.

Wide receiver Shedrick Davis (6-2, 214) has incredible hand, and deceptive speed. Three years he has been dicing up defenses. Davis runs 4.6, but he looks 4.4 after he catches a football. D1 schools like him, but I’m surprised that he doesn’t have more offers.

Wide Receiver Ed Cutno (6-2, 222) is so important to this team. Ed lines up as wide receiver, running back, and quarterback in the wildcat offense. Cutno runs a 4.6/40, and reminds me of former Baker High School star Gerald Sowell who went on to play at Tulane, and many years in the NFL.

New starting Offensive Tackle Dustin Boudreau (6-4 260), to me, is a bona-fide D1 player. He moves well, is strong, and the sky is the limit.

Defensively, Central has Corner Back Josh Veals (5-8, 160, 4.5/40). I can see this kid playing on Sunday’s one day from a 1AA school. Veals is the best cornerback I’ve seen in the last two years in the state. His vertical and reaction time are incredible, his reads when the ball is thrown are super, and he’s also one heck of a punt returner. He covers wide receivers like a blanket.

Linebacker David Vest (6-2, 220), runs a 4.6/40 and you can tell with his ability to run sideline to sideline, he will be a stud in college, playing probably at 230. Vest is one of the top linebackers in Louisiana.

Running back McKenzie Price (6-0, 192) runs a 4.5/40 and is starting his first year. He’s Centrals secret weapon. Price, when he runs from the spread, breaks a lot of runs. He has the ability to play D1 or 1-AA.

I predict that at least fifteen players will sign from this senior class, which would be a record number for the school. Here are some other quality, skill players that will sign.

WR Wes Briscoe 6-2 165 1AA
LB Paul Hunt 6-2 215 1AA
OC Tyler Westbrook 6-1 270 1AA
OG Dakota Fisher 6-0 246 1AA/D2
DT Sean Brown 6-0 266 1AA/D2
OG  Aaron Hall 6-3 294 1AA
DB Daniel Hebert 6-1 185 1AA/D2
LB/SS Barrett Goudeau 5-10 201 D2/D3

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