EBRSO to Increase Patrols for the Holidays

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Sheriff Sid Gautreaux and the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office will be
increasing patrols beginning this past Friday November 27th to ensure
everyone’s safety this holiday season. Extra patrols will continue
throughout December until after the New Year.

Extra patrols will include uniform patrol deputies and plain clothes
detectives. Areas of concentration will include commercial, residential
and high traffic areas.

“We feel that increasing patrols around the parish, particularly in
shopping and high traffic areas, will decrease the incidents of crime,”
Sheriff Gautreaux said. “That way we can all concentrate on having safe
and happy holidays.”

The Sheriff’s Office also has a message for those thinking about
criminal activity. The Sheriff’s Office has several vehicles that will
be placed all over the parish, baited to entice a criminal. So, if a
criminal is thinking about committing a burglary, they should be
forewarned, deputies are watching.

The Sheriff’s Office is also asking that residents play a role in
protecting themselves against crime, particularly theft. Below is a list
of things that residents can do to protect themselves:


1)      While Shopping

a.      When parking a vehicle, attempt to park in a well lit area.

b.      Keys should never be left in an unoccupied vehicle, nor should a
vehicle ever be left running while not occupied.

c.      Vehicle doors should always be locked when unoccupied.

d.      Valuables should be locked in the trunk or removed from the
vehicle when possible.

e.      Any vehicle equipped with an alarm or anti-theft device should
have the device activated when unoccupied.

2)      Walking to your car

a.      Keys in hand

b.      Purses on your person should be carried by the way of shoulder strap or holding
the purse in their hand.

c.      Be aware of your surroundings, people around you etc. Report any
suspicious persons or vehicles to law enforcement immediately.

d.      Try to avoid walking alone, especially at night.

3)      Once at Car

a.      Valuable items should be kept out of view from public access as
items easily observed invite crimes of opportunity. Put them in the
trunk or somewhere out of sight.


1)       Any residence with an alarm should have the alarm activated
when unoccupied. The residence should also have posted signs or window
decals indicating that it is protected by an alarm system.

2)       When a planned absence from the residence occurs, mail and
newspaper deliveries should be stopped.

3)       Residents should cooperate with neighborhood watch programs
when established. If a neighborhood watch program is not in effect, the
neighborhood association should contact EBRSO and establish one.

4)      Motion detection lighting can be used on the exterior of the

5)       All locks should be activated when the residence is unoccupied
or when residents retire for the night.

6) Windows that can be observed from public access should have drapery
or blinds drawn to prevent valuables from being observed.

In the event you are a victim of burglary, the best way to increase your
chances of getting stolen items back, is by documenting them. That way,
if law enforcement recovers them, they will know they are yours. You can
do this by visiting our website at www.ebrso.org <http://www.ebrso.org>
and downloading the form.

For more information on vehicle theft and theft prevention, please our

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