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Hoping you all had a Happy Thanksgiving and are enjoying this holiday season.  Here
are some school updates brought to you by your friendly PTO. 

Wildcat Central for Christmas  – Sat. Dec. 5
The PTO will have a booth in the gym at the Christmas festival this weekend.  Our
booth will be open from 9:00 – 4:00 p.m., this Saturday, December 5th.  We have
added quite a few new items that are just perfect for stocking stuffers & Christmas
gift giving.  Please stop by our booth & check out the new items…  Thank you so
much for you generous support of the PTO!
Volunteer opportunity:  If you can help work from 1-3 or 3-5 on Saturday, please let
us know right away.  THANKS!

Teacher’s Appreciation Gifts
The PTO hosts a catered luncheon to honor our 120 teachers & faculty members.  Part
of our Christmas program is giving gifts to our teachers.  We are in need of gifts to be donated that will be given to our teachers on Wednesday, December 16th. Please send your wrapped gifts, marked if gender specific, by Friday, December 11th. The gifts may be delivered to the CHS front office.    Thank you so much for making our teacher’s feel appreciated & for a very fun and much anticipated event
each year.

Student of the Year Portfolios
The Student of the Year Portfolios are due to me on this Friday.  A school level
committee will select the finalists and the names of the finalists will be submitted
to Central Office on or before December 14.  The week we get back from the Christmas
Break we will conduct the interviews of the finalists.  The winner’s name will be
submitted to Robert Williams on or before January 8, 2010.

Some of you may not have known this, but..
Incentives for iLEAP and GEE
Basic on tests(each test … Math and ELA for iLEAP, Math and ELA for GEE, Science
and Social Studies for GEE) will get the students a free dress on Early Dismissal.
It will also allow them to be exempt from an exam in a class they have an A in prior
to the semester exam.
Mastery will get them an additional 1% in that subject in addition to the exemption
from an exam in every class with an A.
Advanced will get them an additional 3% in that subject in addition to the exemption
from an exam in every class with an A.
Mastery and Advanced earned on the GEE will get the above incentives in each of the
earned subject areas for the remainder of their time at CHS.
For instance, a 10th grader that scores Advanced in Math on the GEE would get 3%
added to EVERY Math class they took for the rest of their CHS career.

Incentives for the Plan Test – Oct. 6
10th Graders:
Students will be exempt from their 1st semester exam if they meet the following:

English Class

“A” in English class and score a 22 on Reading or English – Plan
“B” in English class and score a 23 on Reading or English – Plan
“C” in English class and score a 24 on Reading or English – Plan
    a.. Exempt from English exam

Math Class

“A” in Math class and score a 21 on Math – Plan
“B” in Math class and score a 22 on Math – Plan
“C” in Math class and score a 23 on Math – Plan
    a.. Exempt from Math exam

Science Class

“A” in Science class and score a 22 on Science – Plan
“B” in Science class and score a 23 on Science – Plan
“C” in Science class and score a 24 on Science – Plan
    a.. Exempt from Science exam
**Plan Test goes up to a score of 32 and the ACT is 36

Christmas Performances:

The Choir has their Christmas Concert Tuesday, December 8 at 6:30 in theater and

The band has their Christmas Concert Monday, December 14 at 7:00

From the Counseling Office:

Remember LSU Correspondence last day to sign up is Friday Dec 4th

ACT dates-check deadlines

Seniors can begin signing up for FASFA in January

If your student has any schedule changes to make for next semester, see a counselor

Semester Exam Schedule

12/15/09              7th HOUR/12:39-2:30    

12/16/09              1st HOUR /7:15-9:20       2nd HOUR /9:30-11:30  ** Early

12/17/09              3rd HOUR/7:15-9:20        4th HOUR/9:30-11:30 ** Early Dismissal

12/18/09              5th HOUR/7:15-9:20        6th HOUR/9:30-11:30 ** Early Dismissal

Calendar Updates (Please don’t forget that the calendar is updated regularly, so
check the school website for updates.)

1-3 & 7th              ACT Crash Course
2              Boys Soccer-Zachary-A-6pm
2-5          GBB-St. Michael’s Tournament-V
2-5          GBB-Zachary Tourney-TBA
3              Jostens here during lunch
5              Boys Soccer-BRHS-A-1 pm
8              Choir Concert-6:30-Theatre
9              B Soccer-Walker-H-6pm
2-5          BB Zachary Tournament
8-9          Band All Parish Auditions
8-12       GBB-EBRP Tournament-A-V
9-12       Kinsley Tourname-H
11-12     FB-State Finals-Superdome
12           ACT Testing
                Boys Soccer-DSHS-H-6 pm
14           GBB-Tara-H-5:30-JV, V
                Boys Soccer-Runnels-H-6 pm
16           PTO Christmas Luncheon
16-18     Early Dismissal for Mid Terms
18-19     5-5a/6-5a Classic-EA/Cent.-TBA
18           End 3rd Six Weeks
                GBB-University-H-5pm-JV, V
19           BBB E. Ascension A
19-20     Boys Soccer-Christmas Cup-St. Michaels-A@Burbank
21           BBB-McKinley-H-5, 6, 7:30
                GBB-Assumption-H-5:30-JV, V
21-Jan 1 Christmas Holidays
22           BBB-Redemptorist-H-5, 6, 7:30
                GBB-West Feliciana-H-5:30-JV, V
26, 28-30              EBRP Tourney
28-29     GBB-St. Amant Tournament-A-TBA-V
28-30     EBRP Tourney A Lee High
30           GBB-Live Oak-A-5:30-JV, V

2              Boys Soccer-Catholic-A
4              Students and Teachers Return
5              BBB-Scotlandville-A-5, 6, 7:30
8              BBB-Catholic-H-5, 6, 7:30
                GBB-St. Joseph’s-A-5:30-JV, V
9              Boys Soccer-Zachary-H-6 pm
12           BBB-D.S.-A-5, 6, 7:30
                Boys Soccer-Catholic PC-H-6 pm               
15           BBB-Zachary-H-5, 6, 7:30
                GBB-Zachary-A-5:30-JV, V
                PTO Luncheon!!!! Soup and Salad!
16           Boys Soccer-Live Oak-Away
18           Martin L. King Holiday
19           BBB-Walker-H-5, 6, 7:30
                GBB-Walker-A-5:30-JV, V
                PTO-Theatre-6:30 pm
20           Boys Soccer-Walker-A
22           BBB Bye
                GBB-Brusly-A-5:30-JV, V
23           Boys Soccer-DSHS-A
26           BBB-Live Oak-A-5, 6, 7:30
                GBB-Live Oak-H-5:30-JV, V
                Boys Soccer-Parkview-A
27           Early Dismissal 
                Boys Soccer-Live Oak-H-6 pm
29           BBB-Scotlandville-H-5, 6, 7:30
                GBB-Scotlandville-A-5:30-JV, V
30           BAND All Parish Concert

1              Boys Soccer-Catholic-H-6 pm
2              BBB-Catholic-A-5, 6, 7:30
                GBB-St. Josephs-H-5:30-JV, V
3              BAND All Parish Jazz Auditions Tara
4              NAEP Testing-12th Grade
5              BBB-D.S.-H-5, 6, 7:30
                GBB-A-5:30-JV, V
6              ACT Testing
8-12       GEE Senior Retest
9              BBB Zachary-A-5, 6, 7:30
                GBB-Zachary-H-5:30-JV, V
11           GBB-Walker (Senior Night)-H-5:30 JV, V
12           End 4th 6 Weeks
                PTO Luncheon!!! Appetizers & Finger Food
                BBB-Walker-A-5, 6, 7:30
15-16     Mardi Gras Holiday
16           BBB-West Feliciana-A- 6,7:30
17-19     Contingency Days
19           BBB-Live Oak-H-5, 6, 7:30
24           BAND All Parish Jazz Concert
26           BBB Bi District

2              BBB-Regionals
5              BBB-Quarter Finals
5-6          Division II State Power-lifting Meet-Gym
                 Friday-5-9 pm
                 Saturday- 9am-6 pm
8-15       Cajun Dome Top 28
12-13     Division I State Power-lifting Meet-Gym
                 Friday-5-9 pm
                 Saturday- 9am-6 pm
23           Writing Prompt-ELA
                Constructed Response-Math, Science, S.Studies
26           End 5th 6 weeks
29-April 5-Easter Break

6              Students Return to School
10           ACT Testing
                JROTC Ball 6-11 pm
12-16    GEE and LEAP Testing
16           PTO Luncheon!!!  Appetizers & Finger Food 23             Prom 9-12-Stage 1
28           Early Dismissal
29           Drama- Nunsense 7:30 & 8:30
30           Drama- Nunsense 7:30 & 8:30


1              Drama- Nunsense 2 pm? & 7 pm 
2              Drama- Nunsense 2 pm
4              PTO-Teacher Appreciation
10-13     Senior final exams
13           Seniors Last Day
21           GRADUATION-6:30 pm
25-27     Early Dismissal for Final Exams
27           Last Day for Students/End   6 weeks

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