Council Candidate Bio: Charles Lee Hinton

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Before I ask you to vote for me, you should know what I will do for you!

If you elect me to the Central City Council, serving you will be my full-time occupation.  I will have an open-door policy.  Any time you want to call me or visit with me, I'll be readily available.  My home telephone number is 261-3000, my cell phone number is 405-9675, and my e-mail address is

The work of a City Council member is tough and demanding.  It means being available to you every day.  It means consulting you, addressing your problems, and keeping you informed.  That's why it's so important to have fresh new faces, ideas and energy injected into city affairs on a regular, predetermined basis.  I'll work hard to implement term limits for Council members.

I am a strong proponenent of districting.  If we change from the 'at-large' format to one in which the Council is divided into specific districts, all Central citizens will be represented more vigorously and more personally.  I'll fight for five Council districts to make sure your voice will be heard.

Efficiently spending tax dollars means keeping a careful eye on how the budget is set up and checking it line by line, item by item.  I'll find out why we are paying an out-of-state company 80% of our projected 2010 expense to handle most of the City of Central's services.  I will see to it that detailed financial information is readily available to our taxpayers.   I pledge to do that for you: to make sure your hard-earned tax dollars are spent wisely and effectively. 

Because of my unique work and life experience I will be able to address the needs of our community and handle city business with greater speed and cost-effectiveness.  For many years, I have been a problem solver in difficult and complicated situations.  I'll put those abilities to work for you. 

“I'll always ask the tough questions.  You will get the answers.”

Here are some facts about me: 

  • Graduate of Central High School and LSU
  • BS in Education
  • Master's in Administration
  • Board Member, Gas Utility District #1
  • 25 years of teaching, 15 years of coaching
  • 20 years of military service:
    • Outstanding Recruit of 1963
    • Served aboard the aircraft carrier USS Essex during the Vietnam War
    • Served with the 28th Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (Seabees)
    • Four-time recipient of the Naval Meritorious Service Medal
  • Married to Teddie deLuca Hinton for 44 years
  • Two sons,
    • Jason, who is married to Jennifer and has two sons, Briggs and Stratton
    • Jeremy, who is married to Dusty and has one daughter, Londen
    • Both families have made the City of Central their homes.


Since my retirement, I have been an active member of Central Veterans Helping Veterans Association, Louisiana Retired Teachers Association, USS Essex Association, and serving member of Galilee Baptist Church.  It's true: the busier you are, the more work you are able to handle.

“I have served my country.  I have served my state.  You now have my pledge to serve you through full-time dedication, performance, and accountability.

My family and I are part of the fabric of this wonderful city and I humbly ask for your vote on March 27th.”

You can hold me accountable.

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