Message from Senator Vitter on Spending

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The following is an update from Senator David Vitter about government spending. (Central Speaks does not support one specific side on these issues, but we feel that it is important to post updates from our Congressmen when available.)

This week, the Senate  will consider another massive expansion of federal debt  increasing our national debt by  another $1.9 trillion – that’s right, trillion!

In our families, we  have to make tough choices when the family budget is tight.  We don’t have  the option to simply choose to spend more than we can afford.

But that’s not how it  works in Congress.  The Washington way is just to spend and spend without  any thought to the repercussions or any concerns for how we are passing an  unmanageable burden of debt to our children and grandchildren.

Families have to  balance their budgets and can’t just decide to spend without considering the  ability to pay bills.  That’s how Washington should work too.  And that’s why I am fighting against the massive spending increases and bailouts that have become commonplace in Washington.

We should be reducing our federal spending and balancing our federal budget – just  as families across America are doing in these tough economic times.   And I will keep up the fight to protect our  family budgets from irresponsible spending in Washington.


  1. Chris M.

    January 22, 2010 at 6:00 pm

    Sounds like he is on the right track, but if he defeats Melancon, we need to make sure he does what WE want him to do. Alot of politicians say things JUST to get elected…..

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