Crime Wave in Central Solved

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A major crime wave was solved in Central Friday, January 22, thanks to an alert neighbor who witnessed a theft taking place in Amber Lakes around 1:30 pm.   The suspect was caught hiding in a dumpster near Elm Grove Garden near the airport after a pursuit and foot chase.
It started on Lynnwood Drive in Amber Lakes subdivision around 1:30 pm when a neighbor noticed a black male in a Blue Dodge Ram pickup truck loading up furniture from a residence next door.  The neighbor called the homeowner, who was out of town, and the homeowner said that no one should be there. By then, the suspect was backing out of the driveway. The neighbor, who knows me, then called me on my cellphone to tell me what was going on, and I immediately told him to call 911.  At the same time, I called the captain of the Central Substation via cellphone and advised him of the burglary taking place. The captain immediately got on the radio and alerted all units.  Within minutes, deputies were on the scene, but the suspect had left.  A description was put out on the radio, and an unmarked unit spotted the suspect on Hooper Rd.  A chase then began that lasted several minutes.  The suspect finally bailed from the truck and ran into woods near Elm Grove Garden (by the airport).  Police officers from various agencies responded to the chase.
After a foot chase and canvassing the area, the suspect was caught hiding in a dumpster.  His partner was captured in the truck.  After being arrested, the suspect confessed to having committed numerous burglaries and thefts in the Central area Friday and over the past few weeks.  Areas affected include Bellingrath, Carmel Acres, Morgan Place, Amber Lakes, and other parts throughout the mid and southern parts of the city.  Thousands of dollars of stolen property were recovered in the truck, and other property is in the process of being recovered now from hiding places the suspects used.  The suspect and his partner apparently kept a list of the homes that they burglarized, so detectives feel that they will be able to return a lot of the stolen property to the rightful owners.
The suspects are cooperating with deputies in telling them the homes that they burglarized or stole items from.  They also are cooperating with detectives in telling where they have stored some of the stolen merchandise and property.   In addition to burglarizing homes, they apparently were also stealing items from carports  and exteriors of homes such as blowers, weed eaters, generators, trailers, etc.  The sheriff’s department has been looking for these suspects for a while recently based upon information supplied by witnesses to previous crimes.
PLEASE..if you came home Friday and noticed anything missing or stolen from your house, contact the Burglary Division of the Sheriff’s Dept at 389-5000.  If you have been a recent burglary or theft victim, please contact the Burglary division.  Some of your stolen property may be recovered by this arrest. The Sheriff’s Dept feels that they will clear numerous crimes with this arrest.
PLEASE, if you notice anyone or anything suspicious in your neighborhood from now on, contact the Sheriff’s Dept immediately at 389-5000.  A unit will be sent to investigate.  Don’t waste valuable minutes calling other people until after you have called the Sheriff’s Dept.  Please call the Sheriff’s Department anytime you notice a suspicious vehicle parked or suspicious persons near your home.  Thanks to a good neighbor today who noticed something suspicious, this crime wave was solved. 
Someone reported seeing a blue Dodge Ram pickup truck in the Morgan Place area a few nights ago parked at the street corner near their home, but didn’t call to report the suspicious vehicle until they later heard of a burglary/theft the next day.  We believe it was the same suspect.
Don’t hesitate.  It’s better to be safe than sorry.  Congrats to the Sheriff’s Department for an outstanding job and fast response this afternoon!  We should all be proud of the work that they do!

-Mr. David Barrow


  1. Chris M.

    January 25, 2010 at 6:28 pm

    It is fantastic that these criminals were caught. I feel that it is the responsibilty of neighbors to look out for one another. This is essential in curbing most crimes. I want everyone who reads this to try to be a little more observant to things going on around them. The daily occurences in your life are miniscule compared to what anyone with a heightened sense of awareness can accomplish. This type of activity will continue, and even get WORSE! The harder the economic times get, the more crime will expand. Watch out for yourself and your family/friends/neighbors…

  2. Paul

    April 9, 2010 at 9:19 pm

    It’s more than just the economic time pushing the criminals. They steal when they believe the outcome outweighs the risk of getting caught. And because of the lack of police presence in Central they can go in virtually any neighborhood, at any time without getting caught. The reward is much higher than the risk – so voila – burglaries and thefts increase. What is our city’s response – start a neighborhood watch. Neighborhood watches were NEVER intended to replace law enforcement. They were created to encourage community support. Nothing is as effective in deterring burglaries and thefts as consistent police patrols. When the bad guys see that their are more likely than not to get caught, they look elsewhere. You want to bring crime down, empower a full-time police department with the number of officers commensurate to a city our size. It really is as simple as that folks.

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