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Central Speaks does not endorse any specific candidates for election. Candidates have been contacted and asked to submit bios for the Central community to view on this site. The following candidates have submitted bios, and the remaining bios will be posted as they are received.


Jr. Shelton

Mac Watts


Louis DeJohn

Charles Lee Hinton

Joan Lansing

Dr. Tony LoBue

Mike Mannino

Wayne Messina

Aaron Moak

Lucky Ross

Ralph Washington (awaiting bio submission)


Doug Browning

Michael Garner

Wade Welborn

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  1. Kyle

    March 11, 2010 at 1:48 pm

    Why has Councilman Washington not posted his bio and plans for Central? I attended a couple of city council meetings in the past where it seemed that he was on a personal vindetta against the company running the public works department. Councilman Washington, if you are reading this, since I don’t know much about you and you aren’t posting any information about yourself to let the public known about you, could you please tell me three or four things that you have done for the city in the last four years as a councilman? I’m talking about things that you, yourself, have thought of and done for the city to make our city a better place to live. I have seen each of the other councilmembers doing various service projects in the community, but I have yet to see you involved in anything or started any projects in the community.

    I know nothing about you besides the fact that you rant and rave at council meetings. I read where you claim to be asking the “tough questions” to protect our citizens. Sounds to me like this is nothing more than bashing other people who are doing a good job for our community.

    So, instead of criticizing others for doing their job, please let us know what you have done for the city in terms of projects and making our city a better place to live. Stating that you “ask tough questions” is not good enough for me. If you haven’t done anything worthwhile for this city, then my vote will be an easy one on March 27.

    By the way, I think our city is headed in the right direction and needs to stay that way! I have lived in Central most of my adult life, and my kids live in Central. I don’t see any reason to change anything, with maybe the exception of one council member.

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