Art League of Central Upcoming Activities

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The following calendar is for the Art League of Central this year. If you are interested in joining the Art League, call Mia at 413-2162 It is open to anyone who would like to join. Dues are only $20 a year, and that includes free access to studio space and the ability to participate in all of the activities and art show opportunities. The Art League also recently announced their current GALLERY HOURS so you can stop by and see what they have been up to.


NOMA Museum Exhibit/lunch

Disney exhibit 2/28, meet at 12:30

2/11 – Meeting 9:30/6:30


Central Library Exhibit

Reception 3/7

Paint Out

3/11 – Meeting 9:30/6:30


Lafayette Gallery Hop/Lunch

 4/8 – Meeting 9:30/6:30


Art Walk

Magnolia Square Offer

Central Private Show 

5/13 – Meeting 9:30/6:30


St Francisville Paint Out

 6/10 – Meeting 9:30/6:30


Possible Greenwell Springs Library Exhibit

7/8 – Meeting 9:30/6:30


Relay for Life Raffle – need donated paintings!

 8/12 – Meeting 9:30/6:30


Magnolia Square

 9/9 – Meeting 9:30/6:30


Art Walk

 10/14 – Meeting 9:30/6:30


The Art Invitational

 11/11 – Meeting 9:30/6:30


Christmas Open House

 12/9 – Meeting 9:30/6:30

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