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By  | is a daily news website for the City of Central. Our goal is simply to provide a public forum where news and information can be exchanged between the citizens of Central. We welcome articles and updates from anyone and any organization in our city. In the last 30 days, Central Speaks has posted 80 articles about what is going on in Central. The thing about this site is, the more people who read the articles and contribute information, the better it works and the more beneficial it is. So help us reach our community by 1) emailing your friends in Central to let them know about us, and 2) setting the home page on your computer to Central Speaks so you can continue to stay up to date (to set your home page on a PC, go to, go to Internet Options on your toolbar, select Tools, Internet Options, then choose Use Current for your homepage). Signing up for free daily email updates is another simple way to stay in the loop.

If you have any suggestions for Central Speaks, or if you would like to contribute a news article or update, please email We will gladly publish it for you so everyone can learn about what is going on in Central.

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