Burglars Arrested after Robbery in Central

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Location: 8628 Sully
Incident Date & Time: February 12, 2010, 6:30pm
File Number: 10-9762
Investigator: Cpl. J. Webb, Sgt. W. Stewart, Lt. J. Alfred
On February 12, 2010 detectives responded to a robbery and home invasion that occurred at the above listed location. Detectives learned that the victim answered a knock at her door when she observed a subject she knows as Casey Brown, W/M, 6/14/82, 9115 Rathmoor. Brown forced his way into the residence grabbing the victim by the hair and slamming her against the wall. Another subject the victim knows as Timmy entered the residence along with another white male. Timmy and the other subject rummaged through the victim’s purse stealing $300.00 and a prescription of 55 oxycontin. All three subjects fled in a green Dodge pick-up.

Detectives were able to identify Timmy as Timothy Zettlemoyer, W/M, 9/5/82, 9932 Santa Monica and the other subject as Talmadge Castle, W/M, 7/13/78, 5935 Cheryl Drive. Deputies proceeded to the address on Santa Monica in Carmel Acres subdivision to contact Zettlemoyer. After knocking on the door, a white female looked out the window and when deputies identified themselves, the lights were turned out and the subjects refused to speak to deputies. One of the male subjects advised that if they tried to come in the residence they would be shot.

A search warrant was obtained for the residence and the EBRSO Swat team was called out and eventually made entry into the residence apprehending all three subjects plus the female later identified as Candice Adams, 12/18/78, 7576 Hwy. 10, Ethel, La.

All three male subjects were charged with Simple Robbery, Aggravated Burglary and Home Invasion. The female was charged as an accessory to the same charges.

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