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This article was written by Jeanie Barnett for the March issue of Crystal Place Connections. Posted on with her permission.

I had the opportunity to sit down and visit with I.M. (Jr.) Shelton, candidate for Mayor of Central.  At 6’ 7”, it is easy to see why his campaign slogan is so apt; “Someone we can look up to…”  While I had never had the pleasure of meeting him before, he’s been a resident of Comite Hills for 32 years.  He is a long time deacon and Sunday school teacher at Broadmoor Baptist Church.  He outlined a four point campaign:

Availability.  Jr. Shelton espouses an open door policy for the office of mayor.  He worked 36 years in a family owned Shel-Boze, which operated until December 2009.  He plans to work fully 40 hours a week as mayor.  He has also found time to serve on the board of directors for Central Private School for 16 years and as an officer with Capital Region Builders Association.

Accountability.  Though he initially did not support the incorporation of Central as a city, he wholeheartedly believes we need to pull together and support the future of Central.  He believes that as mayor he would be accountable to its citizens.

Fiscal Responsibility.  Central has a $6 million budget.  A great deal of that is paid to CH2MHill, responsible for DPW and contracts the P&Z permit sub-contractors.  He plans to take the lead in soliciting businesses to increase Central’s tax base including “Mom and Pop” and entrepreneurial enterprises such as a medical clinic, movie theater and book stores.

Fairness.  Consistency and trust are big words in Jr. Shelton’s vocabulary.  He advocates the inclusion of affordable housing developments including upscale multiple family dwellings and allowing the use of mobile homes in Central so that young families can avail themselves of our excellent schools.

He enumerated his goals:

1.  The feeling that citizens own the city.

2.  More people involved in the decision making process.

3.  A plan everyone understands and can begin working on. 

I asked, “What skills do you have that you feel qualifies you to be mayor of Central?”  His response was that his life experiences in his business, in his church and his involvement in CPS board of directors taught him how to bring people together through communication.  He emphasized that he is a Christian and plans an administration based on Christian principles.


  1. dave

    February 23, 2010 at 6:24 pm

    There were several comments and responses posted here. Website glitch removed them, but I will repost them as soon as we have the issue fixed.

    Thanks for your patience.


  2. dave

    February 24, 2010 at 9:50 am

    I have reconstructed the deleted posts below – Thanks, Dave.

    I’be been aquainted with Jr. for several years through CPS. Jr. is known to be a good man with christian values. However, I hope he doesn’t plan to build his apartment complexes and mobile home parks next to me. I wonder if he would have them next door to his home in Comite Hills.

    Thank-you Wade for your kind words. Through our overall city plan, I am sure we will have designated areas for all types of housing. Careful planning will assure everyone of continued property values yet allow everyone a place of residence in Central. In no way am I advocating “low rent housing” and in fact I fully endorse the city’s stance now on mobile homes as it pertains to size of acreage and hardship waivers. In addition I fully believe we should have strict controls on the number of units allowed in mobile home parks. And yes in fact there are many mobiles located near my home subdivision as is true through the many roads of Central. Again, Wade i apreciate your kindness and thoughts about our city. – Jr Shelton

    Hummmm more apt complexes??? Like Central Woods? Wasn’t there a drug raid there? Sounds a little TOO liberal for my vote.

    Thank you (Mr./Ms.) Carbo for your concern. I hope you read my response to Mr. Giles’ comment. No, I certainly don’t want to bring apartments which would endanger the safety and welfare of our city. However, I also, wouldn’t want to catagorize every citizen living in apartments into the suggestion that they would bring harm to our city as an economic result of their’s that would mean the only affordable housing for them is an apartment. When I first got married, I know I had to live in an apartment before I could afford moving into a house. I am afraid we are losing a lot of young families who grew up in Central because they can’t afford the average home in Central which is $250,000. I do believe our Master Plan, which has not been completed yet, can do things to control apartment building and the sites they would be allowed on. I thank you for your concern of our city and would welcome a chance to talk to you further (936-9687). – Jr Shelton

    Mr. Shelton: I enjoyed visiting with you last week. I definitely believe that your heart is in the right place with regard to this job, but I would strongly encourage you to reconsider your position regarding additional mobile homes and apartment complexes.
    I agree: The majority of folks who live in such developments are good people, but too often the developments evolve into a Central Woods type situation. There is only one way to ABSOLUTELY prevent that from happening again in the future: Don’t allow more of them to be built.

    Thanks to you for your comments. I want to assure you that as Mayor, i would embrace what the constituents want. My personal beliefs are just that, mine. I am very willing to hear all arguements, pro and con and then abide by the wishes of the citizens. The council will have final say on all ordinances and once decisions are made I will support them to the fullest as mayor. I believe one of the key issues of this campaign is to listen and react to the wishes of the citizens. I am anxious to see the final Master Plan that will be up for adoption. I do believe the apartment issue is seperate from the mobile home issue, as I am perfectly fine with the existing formula Central already uses with regard to mobile home. I do know there are issues with aging of apartments, but as I noticed on our preliminary draft of the Master Plan, the River Ranch project which exists in Lafayette was cited. This project is mixed with single family, multi-family, zero-lot line residences and condos. It also has commercial, and retail space. Where we wind up is up to the citizens. Tim, I totally agree that more info is needed and more input is needed. I am, and will be someone who listens and can adapt to the needs of the city. – Jr Shelton

  3. JBL

    February 26, 2010 at 2:08 am

    Mr. Shelton…

    First off let me begin by saying that as a Central City resident I can truly appreciate the idea of you seeking office to help the many good people in our wonderful city. We are truly blessed to live in a country that allows us the rights and privileges to vote for what’s best for our great City as well as allowing you the right to seek political office. This privilege is based solely from the many great men and women who have fought and/or died for our country and democratic freedom. May God bless every one of them…

    Now with all that being said let me express that I was never a huge supporter of Mac Watts as well as some of the current council persons and believed in my heart that they weren’t the right fit for our city. To be honest, I made it clear to my family and friends how I truly believed that the voters of this fine city made an enormous mistake.

    After reading your bio and webpage information I felt an obligation to write and express certain concerns and opinions that I feel would be beneficial to the residents of our city. I have lived in Central for over 50 years and truly believe that although bias, my opinion may hold some merit.

    First I would like to address your previous facebook post:

    “Last night your city council decided to not hear reports from CH2MHILL at a council meeting. The reason given is some council members asked hard questions that they may not be able to answer without their records. This was done outside of a council meeting. Ralph Washington stood up for you the citizens and objected to this. He was told if questions arose the council could go to CH2MHILL offices and talk to them about it there. Behind closed doors? Shameful! I will have these reports aired in public at council meetings. I will have an open and transparent administration. This is how government is supposed to work! Let’s not go backwards to the smokey backroom politics!”

    Let me begin by saying that I’ve missed only three Council Meetings in three years. Over the last two years I have attended every council meeting where CH2M Hill has given their monthly report. Hopefully, this offers some insight into how my opinion might be worth listening too. Just so you know I have asked questions to some of our Council members and CH2M employees’ over the last couple of years. So unless I was lied to, I have a pretty good understanding of how the CH2M reporting system might work. What I do know is CH2M HILL has given their monthly report at every meeting since April 2008 with the exception of last Tuesdays meeting and the month before that. What strikes me odd is there was not one comment made when the January report was not given. If I recall correctly, it was never even listed on the agenda.

    Mr. Shelton, understanding that you have only attended three or four council meetings over the last two years, I would like to voice my opinion of why I believe four of the five council members chose to discontinue the CH2M report. Please keep in mind that according to several City Council people that I’ve spoken with, they receive the CH2M report 3 to 4 days prior to the council meeting. Not sure about you, but I would think that would give our council an ample amount of time to review and ask any questions that they may have before each council meeting. Or nonetheless advise CH2M to have the information together to discuss at the upcoming meeting.

    Month after month I sit in the audience and listen to one particular councilman bombard the Program Manager (Higgs) with questions on several specific jobs (work orders / work request) that was impossible for him to know. I can tell you from my 30 years of experience serving the residents of a municipality, there was no way I could answer a question about a job that my crew had worked six – eight months prior. Especially when you’re averaging 20 to 40 jobs per month. I would even wager that Higgs’ Public Works Director couldn’t remember and he deals with everyday. I would even venture to say that if you asked that Councilman to remember how many pairs of pants he cleaned six – eight months ago he wouldn’t have a clue. As stated, for months I set and listened to this nonsense to the point where it had become comical to the residents who sat in the audience. But then came the December meeting. Unfortunately the Mayor had taken sick that night and was forced to miss, which left Ralph Washington, Mayor Pro-Tem presiding over the meeting.

    Mr. Shelton, what happened that night was the reason, in my opinion of why the CH2M report was discontinued. Mr. Washington’s actions that night were the most embarrassing moment that I had ever experienced in all my 63 years. He not only belittled a grown man (Higgs) by publically humiliating him, he would gavel Higgs every time he opened his mouth, never allowing the opportunity to speak. When that meeting ended, I watched as my Christian neighbor’s in attendance walked out with their heads hung because of Mr. Washington’s “Shameful” act. No Christian brother should ever be treated that way. I am all for reporting the truth and the “Hard Questions” when warranted but there is a professional and tactful way of doing it….That wasn’t it…

    Next I would like to discuss your campaign points:

    Accountability – As I stated earlier, I was never a supporter of Mac Watts but he and I agreed on one thing. And that was the incorporation of Central! I personally felt that it was important to our many children and young families that we created a school system that would allow us to educate our children and grand-children without having to bus them to Baton Rouge Schools. I think the latest school system rankings have more than justified the incorporation. I will assume that your choice to vote against the incorporation was solely based on your love and support for Central Private. If that was the case then it saddens me that you would make a decision to vote down the incorporation to help several hundred children rather than helping a thousand children. It’s that type of decision making that we should all hold you accountable far.

    Fairness – I realize that you have already touched on these issues but I feel it’s very important to understand that in my humble opinion we do not need apartment complex’s / condo’s or mobile homes parks in our city. I would have to agree with earlier post that these types of developments will only diminish what we all have worked so hard to get away from. These types of developments were built on O’Neal Ln in Baton Rouge and look at what happened. Up-scale trailer parks were built in Denham Springs and looked what happened. These types of developments will bring the inner city that we don’t want…

    In conclusion, I would like to discuss your three goals that you outlined within your bio:
    The feeling that citizens own the city. – I agree with your goal, but to be perfectly honest Mr. Shelton, I already feel that I’m part owner of this City. I feel that way because my vote helped pave the way for the incorporation of our city. My vote helped pave the way for our top ranked school system. My latest vote will help to build much needed school houses for our children and grand-children. I’m very proud to call Central my City….

    More people involved in the decision making process. – I agree 100%!!! This is why I’ve attended all but three council meetings since incorporation….Very important…

    A plan everyone understands and can begin working on. – Again I would agree 100%!!! There are issues that many of our neighbors including me, don’t understand. I would like to see more education so we know that we will continue to grow in the right direction.

    Please understand that although I didn’t support Mac Watts in the beginning as well as several Council members, it is my opinion that we have made great strides to becoming a better city. I believe we are on the right tract and would hate to see all the work that’s been done go to waste. And that will happen if we have a complete change of guard. I will admit that there are some issues that need to be addressed but those issues are minor. I can remember not too long ago, how it took the grace of God to get the city parish out to maintain any infrastructure. Because of their neglect towards Central, is the reason why our roads and ditches are in the condition there in right now. I see improvement…I see our grass getting mowed every summer…I see our drainage getting maintained. I was told by a council member the other night that our public works division (CH2M) has addressed over 2000 complaints in two years. If EBR was doing their job to begin with do you think we would have had over 2000 issues to address?

    Thanks for your willingness to better the City ….


  4. Just Brenda

    February 26, 2010 at 10:54 am

    NOW THAT”S WAS INTERESTING!!!! Hmmmm, this website is working- people are talking, Keep Reading- where is the masterplan to be view at????

    • dave

      February 26, 2010 at 12:51 pm

      You can view the latest version of Central’s Master Plan on the city website,, under “City Documents.” The latest available version is from a December 2009 meeting. I also just posted an article with a link to the Master Plan, as many people were unaware of where to find it.

  5. My Opinion

    February 26, 2010 at 12:58 pm

    “Just Brenda” – Please revisit the article titled, “A Visit with Mac Watts” where you previously left a comment regarding the Master Plan. I believe the response to your comment might answer some of your questions…My Opinion

  6. Debbie

    February 27, 2010 at 11:41 am

    Would love to talk to you about your post.

  7. Michelle Carbo

    February 27, 2010 at 4:16 pm

    The median of housing in Central may be $250,000 but that does not mean you cannot get a decent home for less. I know homes for sell in decent neighborhoods for MUCH less and depending on the interest rate they can actually get that home for LESS than the cost of a nice apt. I am one of those kids who grew up in Central and now my husband and I have a 2 yr old who will be growing up in Central. My fear is that with mutli-family housing, more trailer parks, apts etc it will lead to overcrowding our schools, roads, etc. I read Woody Jenkins article in the 2/25 edition of Central News regarding Apts and Multi-family dwellings and he made some very good points. I believe in working for what you have, doing without so your kids can have more. I did not start out in the house of my dreams, nor am I in it now. We already have some nice apts in Central I do not see where more we need more of them, just my opinion. Not sure what you mean by “However, I also, wouldn’t want to catagorize every citizen living in apartments into the suggestion that they would bring harm to our city as an economic result of their’s that would mean the only affordable housing for them is an apartment.” I am not knocking anyone for living in an apt or trailer by any means. I truly love Central and LOVE the fact that every piece of grass is not covered with housing. In my opinion if you want your children to go to good schools and live in a safe community you may have to sacrifice the newest car, etc to afford a home in a community you would be proud to call home. Homes exist for less than $200,000 in Central… you may just have to settle for one a bit smaller than your friends. Just my opinion.

  8. jr. shelton

    February 28, 2010 at 5:42 pm

    Thank you for your comments. Let me first say that what happened in the Feb. 23 councli meeting was disheartening to me in that 4 council members decided to do something outside of the council meeting without a vote on the council floor. And that one councilman wasa left out of the discussion. The right to discuss a performance report of a company we spend $4 million dollars in an open council meeting, I believe is the right thing to do. How that questioning is presented is another thing. If it were done maliciously, then I agree it shouldn’t be done that way. I have known Councilman Washington for a number of years and have never seen that side of him, but I would not argue your perception of events. I have had an opportunity to visit with Mr. Higgs myself, and I believe him to be hardworking and attentive to the needs of our city. However, I do know that we as a city have the right to have performance of CH2MHILL explained for the citizens. The report prepared states how many calls are taken for a given month and how many jobs are completed within that month. However, many of those jobs may have been called in in previous months and not the current month that is being reported. I believe we need to know both numbers, how many calls from a specific month were completed as well as a total number of calls completed from past month call ins. As to discussing the report prior to a meeting; I have no problem with that as long as a report is given in an open meeting. As I told Mr. Higgs, I want to be his biggest cheerleader and am looking forward to working with him.

    As to my vote against the incorporation, it had nothing to do with my love of Central Private. The incorporation was never sold to me as having to be a city to get a school system. It was sold to me that Baton Rouge was not giving us a fair shake and that we were under Baton Rouge’s thumb. I didn’t see that. Quite frankly, I was afraid we might be putting the lives of 27,000 residents in jeopardy. Once we did incorporate, I began to attend the transition meetings. I believe in the democratic process. I love Central and wanted to participate. I was placed on the committee to oversee grants and contributions to the city. I also offered to allow me to be named in Central’s defense of the suit challenging the legality of the incorporation. I would never let the rights of the majority to be trampled on because of personal involvement.
    To your point about apartments, condos and mobile homes; the Master Plan will have areas that are going to be designated for these types of housing. In no way do I wish for any housing to burden our streets, and schools. While it is true that many complexes can become rundown, that is not always the case. Single family residences run the same risk. I do not want megastructures built here to overrun the schools or harm our infrastructure. We already have major subdivisions built that are going to burden our roads and overcrowd our schools. But, when we incorporated and built the premier school system in the state, we have attracted developer, builders and homebuyers. How we proceed will certainly set our course and I for one want to do it the right way. For mobilehomes, I have never objected to our ordinances governing them. I am fine with one acre lot sizes, waivers for hardships (which our city grants) and holding off on adding anymore mobilehome parks until the citizens deciding what we want in the Master Plan.

    Let me discuss your final points. Yes, the men and women who had the forethought to begin this city need to applauded. I am certainly going to give credit for the hard work, personal money and effort put into this project. However, in visiting in literally hundreds of homes and businesses over the last several weeks, many citizens do feel left out of the process, disenfranchised, and haven’t felt ownership of Central. It is my desire to bring the entire city together and be sure everyone feels ownership, involved and part of the planning team for our future.

    Again, thanks for your comments and I would invite you to call me at 936-9687 to discuss these and any other issues further.

  9. jr. shelton

    February 28, 2010 at 5:57 pm

    Mrs. Carbo,
    Well said. I agree with what you have stated, but my point about housing is that with a Master Plan being developed, we will have many types of housing specified for various areas. Affordable housing (not low-rent housing) should and will be included in single-family residences within the Master Plan. I agree with you about apartments. Megastructures will not help our infrastructure and schools. My response to your post about Central Woods and a drug raid there was simply that “I wouldn’t want everyone living in an apartment being stereotyped”. Again, I would love to speak to you about this or any other issue at 936-9687.

  10. JBL

    March 1, 2010 at 1:19 am

    Mr. Shelton – I would like to thank you for the response to my post and offer my appreciation for you taking the time to comment on the issues that I outlined.

    Although I can understand your point about the February 23rd Council meeting I must respectfully disagree with your assessment of how it should have been handled. If I understand municipal law correctly, it is a violation of state legislative law for our Council members to meet and discuss any issue without declaration of a workshop or scheduled council meeting with public participation. I was informed that each council member called at separate intervals to request the removal of the Q & A session based on the fact that it was turning into a detriment to the perception of how our employees are being mistreated. Being a former business man I would expect you of all people to understand that if you want the best from your employees then you should treat them with respect. Make no doubt about sir, CH2M is our employees and we should treat them with the same respect in which we (citizens) would like to be treated.

    Now, do I believe the information should be made public? Absolutely… I think it’s very important for us as citizens to hear what work has been completed. Do I think that a human being should receive public reticule by an individual of council because he doesn’t possess the information on jobs that were supposedly completed in months prior? Absolutely not…. As I stated in my previous post there is a professional and tactful way of doing things and that wasn’t it. A great example of that is how Councilman DeJohn had questioned Mr. Higgs on several occasions in previous months. It could have been viewed as “Hard Questions”, but was done in a professional manner. I appreciate the fact that you’ve been knowing Councilman Washington for years and have never seen this side of him… But with all due respect sir, If you would have attended more than a couple of council meetings over the past two years you would have seen this side of Mr. Washington on many occasions.

    I apologize for assuming that your vote against the incorporation was based on your concerned support for the possible decline of Central Private if indeed the City were to develop its own school system. I retract my statement. However, I can tell you that everyone I spoke with in conjunction with the vote to incorporate based their decision solely on the City of Central establishing its own school system. I don’t ever recall talking with anyone who was voting because the City of Central wasn’t receiving a fair shake and were “under Baton Rouge’s thumb”. Although it was an obvious issue I don’t believe it was the priority issue. I will commend you on the fact that although you didn’t vote for the incorporation, you did however work diligently to insure its success.

    I thank you for your statement concerning the apartments, condos and mobile homes. I believe your thoughts are basically in agreement with the opinions of our current Administration and City Council. I’m glad that we all feel the same way.

    I’m not exactly sure what you mean when you say, “disenfranchised”? I’m not sure what you believe ownership to be? As I stated earlier, my vote of incorporation presents me the gratification of ownership. I can understand that many citizens feel left out of the process and disenfranchised, but that is why we have a council. This is why we have council meetings with public discussion, so we as citizens can speak on behalf of what we believe to be right and wrong in our city. I’m not sure how you as an elected official can guarantee anymore than that.

    It is our responsibility as residents of this great city to get involved to ensure that our officials are working in the best interest of their constituents’. Please understand sir, that no matter how hard you may try, you will always have folks that will disagree with your future plans of our city.

    Again I commend you for responding to my comments. Although my vote will have to stand with the people that in my opinion has taken us in a direction that I believe best suits our fine city, I say God Bless for your inspiration and desired faith to do what you believe is right.


  11. Chris

    March 1, 2010 at 11:47 am

    Mr. Shelton

    This is a response to the following statement from above, “However, in visiting in literally hundreds of homes and businesses over the last several weeks, many citizens do feel left out of the process, disenfranchised, and haven’t felt ownership of Central.”

    I have not attended every meeting held in the City of Central, so I cannot speak as to the content of those meetings. However, it is my understanding that meetings held by our city officials are open to the public. As a resident of Central, if you want to get involved you have to be proactive and get involved.

    I think it is very unfair to give the impression that our current elected officails are leaving citizens out of the process or making decisions without public input. The pubilc is invited to every meeting, it is not our elected officials’ jobs to make sure everyone attends these meetings

    As an elected official you cannot make decisions based on public interest if citizens do not get involved and voice their opinion.

    As a resident if you feel that you are left out of the process it is because you probaly are. If you want to be involved in the process, get off of your behind and get involved.

  12. Kelly

    March 1, 2010 at 5:47 pm

    Amen, Chris! I get emails from the City of Central at least once a week advising us of city notices, crime, and other events. What other city does that? I think it’s great that the city involves and lets its citizens know what’s going on. The city can’t be expected to knock on everyone’s doors letting them know what’s going on. Our city leaders do a fantastic job of letting us know what’s going on through their website and emails.

    Also, I don’t think anyone wants to sit through a council meeting listening to one councilman grill someone about potholes and grass cutting. I know I don’t. If this councilman has a problem with a specific issue, he should talk to the people in charge at their office…not during a council meeting wasting everyone’s time. I personally don’t see a problem with the level of service that we’re getting. I think we’re much better off now than we were under EBR. Just look at how much more our grass is being cut now. Look how nice the medians of Greenwell Springs Rd and Hooper Rd look compared to the “other side of the bridge”. Seems to me that he’s not asking tough questions…he’s just griping. There seems to be one person like that on every council. I don’t like listening to that.

    I’m noticing a lot of signs for you, Mr. Shelton, and the “newcomers” to politics in yards of people who were opposed to Central becoming incorporated and forming our own school system. It saddens me that people want to try and “change” things for no reason other than to disrupt what our good leaders have done so far. Yes, I think the current mayor and at least four council members have done a good job in the small time that we have been a city. I don’t see any reason to change that at this time. No one has given me a good reason, and I don’t think anyone can.

  13. dave

    March 3, 2010 at 7:48 pm

    Due to a high volume spam attack from overseas, and only until a fix is installed this weekend, all comments will require moderator approval before they appear on the post. We will check comments every hour or so, so please do post. Things should be back to normal before Monday.

  14. I heard it myself

    March 14, 2010 at 8:53 pm

    I am writing in response to JBL stating that “everyone [he] spoke with in conjunction with the vote to incorporate based their decision solely on the City of Central establishing its own school system. [He didn’t] ever recall talking with anyone who was voting because the City of Central wasn’t receiving a fair shake and were “under Baton Rouge’s thumb”. Although it was an obvious issue [he didn’t] believe it was the priority issue.” I attended several incorporation meetings and did hear with my own two ears that we needed to become our own city to get away from Baton Rouge. In fact, the leaders of the meetings stated several times that it didn’t have anything to do with a school system; it had to do with controlling our money and making our decisions. One meeting the people paraded a line of children across the front of the room wearing Central colors and said we needed to become our own city to safeguard their future, but not one word was mentioned about education being the driving force. Perhaps it was behind closed doors that the talk was of a school system, but in public I can assure you that it was not. Further, I heard myself the leaders of incorporation state that the good citizens of Central would NOT have their taxes raised to fund this city, conveniently leaving out that if a school system was formed, we would have our taxes raised to fund new buildings. Was forming our own school system without incorporation ever explored as an option? NO, and it is possible to go that route, but no one considered it. Incorporating for the sake of having our own school system WAS NOT EVER STATED AT ONE OF THE INCORPORATION MEETINGS I ATTENDED.

    I personally was on the fence regarding incorporation, but I was wholeheartedly FOR having our own school system. I know that having control of our schools is the best thing for a community. It instills a sense of pride and accomplishment.

    As far as Mr. Shelton being against incorporation or the school system, I do not believe that to be true. He has been a citizen of Central for over thirty years, that’s more than some members of the school board or council have lived in Central, and I believe he truly wants the best for this community. He stated that after incorporation he participated on the grants and contributions committee and supported the lawsuit against EBR. I think that’s doing more than a lot of people who supported incorporation in Central did. Once one is faced with a situation, the choice is to accept it and participate or denounce it and stew over it. Mr. Shelton embraced the new path the city was on and became a part of the transition. I believe what he says and believe that he has the best intentions for Central.

    In the past, I have supported Mr. Watts; however, I believe that the current administration and council is only in it for themselves, and as such, I will be casting votes for other candidates in this election. It is time to send a message to our elected officials that the people of Central want a government that is honest and concerned for its citizens. We need to unite and stand against the status quo, the partiality, and the good ol’ boys.

  15. Kelly

    March 15, 2010 at 5:06 pm

    I heard it myself: Seriously, you want a clean sweep of candidates? Are you kidding? How is this city going to function with a crew of people who suddenly became interested in this city only two months ago and don’t have any experience or background in knowing what all is going on in this city? Also, while I do not know Mr. Shelton and won’t say anything bad about him, he did admit publically that he was against the incorporation of Central, but now he wants to run it? I for one have lived in Central for a long time, and feel our services are much better now than when we were under Baton Rouge control. I will not be turning over our city to a bunch of amateurs. If all of these people had been involved in city functions and attended meetings, it would be one thing, but most of these new people running for office have never attended any city meetings for the last four years until just recently. My grandkids have to much to look forward to in our city in the future.

  16. I heard it myself

    March 18, 2010 at 1:37 pm


    I know that Mr. Shelton was against incorporation, but if you reread my statement and his, you will see that he did support it once it was a reality. As far as not being involved in the city until two months ago. Do you know Mr. Shelton? Do you know he has been a resident of Central for over 30 years? Do you know he reared 4 children here? Do you know what a kind and giving person he is? And as far as an amateur, what the heck does a school teacher know about running a city? Mayor Watts was an educator before he got his current gig. Come on, LOTS of public officials begin their careers without any public service. You have to start somewhere. Who’s to say Mr. Shelton won’t be the best darn mayor Central has had or ever will have? People need to get out of their cliques and look at the bigger picture.

  17. jarrod

    March 18, 2010 at 8:20 pm

    True leader or election time rhetoric?
    As a person who has seen true leaders in action, I have great concerns regarding Mr. Shelton’s personal assertions that he is a “True Leader.” I have heard Mr. Shelton on several occasions and most recently last night at the forum make the statement that he is the “True Leader” who can move our city forward. However, my experiences have shown me that leadership qualities are skills a person posses and demonstrate everyday regardless of what their title is. Also, one can only lead if they are involved. Knowing through his own admissions that Mr. Shelton was not involved in the incorporation and indeed opposed it and was not involved in the creation efforts of our new school district, the two biggest events in the history of Central, why should we believe he is a leader. In fact Mr. Shelton has never even gotten involved in our city government, again from his own admission, having attended his first council meeting two weeks after qualifying to run for the mayor’s office. In my humble opinion Mr. Shelton is saying he can only be a leader and work for our city if he is elected mayor. So should we go ahead and assume if he happens to lose the election he once again will go back into obscurity, not involving himself with the little unimportant things real leaders do like volunteering your time and efforts to worthy causes

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    July 28, 2010 at 10:03 am

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