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1)  Construction has begun on the traffic circle roundabout on Lovett Rd at Magnolia Square Ln in front of the Village at Magnolia Square.  The speed limit in that area has been reduced to 35 mph.  Construction should last approximately six weeks.  Motorists should exercise caution when driving through this area.
2)  A traffic calming study has been completed on Crystal Drive in Crystal Place subdivision at the request of residents living on the street. The study showed that there is definitely a speeding problem on this street.  The residents in that area have signed and turned in the super-majority petition (65% of the residents on the street) requesting that traffic calming methods be installed on Crystal Drive.  David Barrow, from the city of Central, will be meeting with the residents soon to explain exactly what the city’s recommendation will be.

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  1. David Barrow

    February 25, 2010 at 9:51 pm

    1) The developers of the Village at Magnolia Square are paying 100% of the cost of the installation of the roundabout.

    2) Residents along Crystal Drive met tonight (Feb. 25) and requested that Stop signs be installed at three intersections on their street as a solution for the traffic calming on their street. This was the city’s recommendation as well. The signs should be installed within 3 weeks.

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