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Thursday night, the Central Chamber of Commerce and the Central Community Alliance sponored a mayoral forum featuring the two candidates running for Mayor of Central on the 27th. During the forum, which took place in the Central High theater, members of both of the sponsoring organizations took turns asking questions to Jr. Shelton and Mac Watts. Candidates took turns being the first to answer the questions. After each question, the first candidate ws given two minutes to respond. The second candidate then got two minutes to answer the question, and the first candidate was then given one minute to respond to his opponent’s answer.

Each question is listed below and is followed by a video of the candidates’ responses.

Introductory Remarks:


Opening statements:

Jr. Shelton:


Mac Watts:

1. Since permit fees have been such a concern with the public, what are your views on the current charges and procedures being implemented?

2. What is your view on continuing the contract for city services? (With apologies, the video “glitched” on one candidate so we are including only audio for BOTH candidates on this question, just to be fair. Click on each file below the description to hear the candidates’ remarks.)

City Services – Watts


City Services – Shelton


City Services – Watts Rebuttle


3. Are you in favor of implementing the current proposed city master plan? Why or why not?

4. What is your opinion on affordable housing as it applies to density restrictions such as apartment complexes and mobile home parks?

5. What plan do you have for the economic growth of our city while protecting and sustaining our current businesses?

6. Do you feel that the City of Central would be better served by a police department rather than the present service with the Sheriff’s Department?

7. Do you foresee the need to increase our current taxes for the continued operations of the City of Central?

8. During your administration, how would you collect the fines and enforce the violations of city ordinances?

Closing remarks:

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