GSBC to Host Forum

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Greenwell Springs Baptist Church will be hosting a different kind of candidate forum. On Monday, March 22, the church has invited the candidates to participate in a “faith-based” forum in the church sanctuary. The event begins at 7 PM and is open to the public.


  1. Donna

    March 22, 2010 at 10:50 pm

    I would like to share an email I sent to Mayor Watts:

    Mayor Watts,

    I was not my intention to speak tonight, but after the previous lady spoke I thought maybe I should. I only meant to explain to her your families business does not have a closed market in the Central School System and that what they do with you is out of loyalty not contract. After the meeting I spoke to her and explained it is up to the individual clubs and organizations to get their t shirts, etc. from whom they chose. Many times they have chosen us. We appreciate the business. Without it we couldn’t stay open & I would be looking for another part time job. I retired from Bellsouth 4yrs ago. I do not want to leave Central anymore than I have to. Not to work or shop. I know big purchase items can’t always be made in Central. We don’t have things like an appliance store. But the businesses that are here needs to be used so these small businesses can stay in business. It really was not my intention to appear as though I was attacking you. I think you know if I have a problem with you I will confront you. I am still a very secure woman. So, my apologies for it coming out that way. I would like to reiterate the fact buying from a friend who lives in Central but whose business is in Baton Rouge is not supporting Central businesses. Anyone can try to justify it however they chose. That fact is an elected official who puts a sign up saying “Shop in Central” and doesn’t practice what they preach is speaking out of both sides of their mouth. I used to get my oil changed at Hunt’s, now I go to Central Automotive and Tire, because they are in Central. Hunt’s is a member of our Chamber of Commerce, but they are not in Central. Those taxes spent there stay in B. R. Until Saturday I will support Jr. Shelton, after that I will support the Mayor of Central. One gentleman asked why Mr. Shelton was running against you. The way I see it this is America still and we have the freedom of choice. I’m glad I have that choice, no matter who wins. I’m glad we have an even a wider choice for councilman.

  2. mgardner

    March 25, 2010 at 1:51 pm

    Donna if you talk about buying Central ETC. Why don’t you support Central? You sell shirts etc with the Central logo, Central Football, Central Basketball etc on it which May be legal but I do believe that is unethical, because your profiting off of OUR kids hard work. But your opinion is that it is not and that is fine. But when you were asked to purchase a $150 sign for the baseball team you refused, why? Why cant you support central, I am sure you have made at least $150 off the shirts you have sold that represent the school you refuse to support. So then you come on here and bash the public servants that have help create this city that you try to make a living in. They are the reason you came here and opened a business, maybe you just don’t realize it yet, would you have opened a business if Central was not its own city? Would the football and basketball teams have the success this year and the last few years if we weren’t our own system? A system that these public servants created. The success of the athletics etc in this city has made you money, so you are profiting on the hard work of OUR student athletes and OUR public servants, but again you come on here and bash them.

  3. Donna Dufour

    March 25, 2010 at 4:46 pm

    First of all I don’t own the shop I am only an employee. I do not make the decision such as buying signs from any organization. What Dale does do though is give a discount to any Central School organization. But we were never contacted in person before I received several border line harassment & slanderous emails from you. Coach Sid didn’t have a problem with us selling the t shirts. Why didn’t you come in person and talk to Dale? You took a hot headed approach. I never thanked you though you for the advertisement when you emailed, pardon me, had a parent email every one on your distribution list bashing us which only increased our sales. Did you send that email to the parent on a school computer? Most responses were “consider the source”. Thanks for the distribution list also. We had very few ask to be removed. We have a sign up sheet for email addresses in the store and we get a great response from our customers. Our customer base is growing. Maybe one day the athletic department can support the store; hence Dale would be able to afford to buy a sign from every athletic program in Central. Dale has bought advertisement from a few organizations @ CHS. Just because he didn’t buy the Baseball Teams sign he is made to look like the bad guy. Dale has been in business in Central for several years, just not a retail environment. He did not just move or just open here in Central. Athletics @ CHS had 8 months to use us before we printed any Central t shirts. For 8 months we referred people to the PTO & the Athletic department. Customers kept coming to the store because they couldn’t get them at school or they didn’t want what was offered. So we asked what they wanted and we printed it. During the fall on one Friday I was in the school office and a gentleman walked in and asked to buy a t shirt for that night’s game. He was told by the front office that they didn’t have any, only a PE t shirt. The man left right ahead of me. I stopped him and asked what he needed and he asked what color they were wearing that night. I didn’t know, but I did tell him to check with the athletic department and that the PTO would be selling them at the game. I went back to the store and told Dale, and the printing began. We are not a fly by night vender on a street corner and we pay business taxes. He is also working on a website where parents can order uniforms and other Central items, in which a portion of those sales go back to the appropriate school as a fund raiser. I’m glad I am a resident of the City of Central, La. USA, freedom! Have you ever heard of it? Dale also donates to who ever comes in to do gift baskets for the teachers @CHS. Maybe you’ll get one with one of our shirts and it will soften your heart a little. I pray it does.

  4. Mgardner

    March 25, 2010 at 6:12 pm

    Well that’s great. I’m glad feel that way, but why did you tell the parent that asked you to buy a sign to come see me and ask me why you wouldn’t buy a sign from him. I hope you can buy a sign from football next year or the next there $450 you can mail check to school. Oh and I had nothing to do with that email. I told a couple parents how I feel and how I still feel, and they took it upon there self to send that out. But let’s leave all that in the past and move on. I hope y’all can continue to make money off of CHS athletics so maybe one day y’all can donate to the high school. We do buy or shirts from other suppliers that sell them to us for cost so when y’all can do that let me know. Good luck in the future. The more CHS items that’s out there the better our boys look and the more $ y’all make.

  5. Donna Dufour

    March 25, 2010 at 7:31 pm

    It is still not up to me to buy signs. I have made that comment, but not to the gentleman that came to the store about a baseball sign. Dale spoke to him I was only a bystander.I made that comment because the athletic department doesn’t support the store, but parents don’t understand that. Several parents come by to get a shirt the school had printed and didn’t realize we don’t do them and I direct them to AAS. If you get shirts at cost good for you. From what I understand your supplier does everything in Central for cost. I’m glad they can do that. You have real anger issues that need to be faced. I am still going to pray for you.

  6. Donna Dufour

    March 25, 2010 at 8:13 pm

    Mike,do you mind if I call you Mike,or do you prefer Coach Gardner?

    Again I don’t make the decisions on what signs we buy or don’t buy. I admit, I did make that comment. Only it wasn’t to the nice gentleman that came in with his son for sponsorship. Dale helped him,I was only a bystander. It was to one of the citizens that made the comment “consider the source”. (Dave, the moderator, has chosen to remove a comment that has no bearing on the article or the election.)

  7. Mgardner

    March 25, 2010 at 9:28 pm

    Thanks for the prayers. I do everything in my power to be a great role model for my boys. I don’t make any money unlike you as a result of there achivements. I love my job and love working at Central. I’m Central born Central breed and when I die I’ll be Central dead, maybe you can put that on a shirt and sell it. Let’s end this and just agree to dislike each other. I hope we win some games next year so we both can experience some succes Believe what you want to believe. But I believe in letting go and letting God and that’s what I will do, God Bless

  8. Donna Dufour

    March 25, 2010 at 10:40 pm

    My emails at work & the posts here don’t support that. We did print that t shirt. Stop by the store and I’ll give you one(if we have your size left). Better yet I’ll drop it off to the front office. My family has changed doctors, where we get our glasses, meds, dining out choices etc. so we don’t leave Central unless we absolutely have to. I can tell you tell you’re passionate about “your boys”.If only you had come to us in person with your concerns. I’m sorry you don’t like me,you don’t even know me. I don’t like how this whole thing was handled, however I don’t know you well enough to like or dislike you.

  9. Concerned parent

    March 27, 2010 at 4:21 pm

    Dave, I quess you can remove my last three posts if you want. They really don’t make sense since my criticizer removed his. Thanks.

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