Runoff for Chief of Police

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On Saturday, May 1st, there will be a runoff election for Central's Chief of Police. The two candidates in this election will be Doug Browning and Wade Welborn. Because there were three candidates running for this position originally, it was possible that no candidate would receive over 50% of the votes on March 27. Indeed, after the votes were counted on Saturday, Doug Browning held 47% of the vote and Wade Welborn had picked up 43%. Since no candidate for this one position got over 50% of the votes, there will be a runoff between the two candidates who received the most votes (Mr. Browning and Mr. Welborn). You will continue to see political signs around Central for these two candidates only, and everyone is encouraged to come vote once again on May 1st for our Police Chief.


  1. Kyle

    April 9, 2010 at 9:56 am

    I find it very interesting in Mr. Browning’s ad on your page that he states “Serving the people on Central..not the politics”. Sure is strange how two of his “reserve” police officers that work for him were actively involved in the recent mayor and council elections by organizing campaign meetings for some of the non-incumbents and one incumbent council member, as well as being members of the Central Citizens for Good Government that were calling for a “clean sweep” and putting out informational flyers telling people who to vote for. Mr. Browning knew this and attended several of these functions. If he is claiming to not serve the politics of Central, then he should have reprimanded his officers for their participation. By the way, does anybody ever see these other officers anywhere? I haven’t.

  2. Paul

    April 20, 2010 at 10:11 pm

    Reserve officers are volunteers and not paid. They have the right to participate in political campaigns. Their participation does not mean they are doing so at the direction of Chief Browning. Again, they are volunteers and God Bless them for their service. You want police patrols you can count on and see every day – support a full time police force. You want something for free – well you got it and you get what you pay for.

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