Livingston Parish Says No Loop

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On Tuesday night, a group of hundreds assembled in the Live Oak Middle School gym. These concerned citizens came to be a part of the Neighbors Opposed to the Loop meeting, where Livingston Parish President Mike Grimmer, Senator Dale Erdey, and Representative Bodi White came to make statements and answer questions concerning the Loop. Central residents were invited to attend, as the Loop is a big concern for Central. Cliff Richardson, our state representative, was also in attendance.

The highlight of the evening came early, as Livingston Parish President Mike Grimmer was the first to speak. Mr. Grimmer came to the podium and, after a brief introduction, simply said, “The Loop is just not the deal for Livingston Parish.” This statement brought a standing ovation from the crowd, who had clearly been hoping to hear those very words. He acknowledged that traffic is and will be a big problem in Livingston, but he stood behind alternatives such as widening I12 (which is already in the plan for the immediate future), and the Hooper Road Extension, a project viewed by many Central residents as a viable Loop alternative.

What impact does Livingston’s stance on the Loop have on Central? Livingston Parish, Iberville Parish, and Ascension Parish all have leaders and state legislators who have now come out in public opposition to the Loop. Although the state can still force this project upon an unwilling parish, it is far more difficult to do so when legislators who represent those parishes do not support it. Livingston’s opposition is one more major obstacle for the state to navigate before it can build this Loop, a project that Senator Dale Erdey described as being “on life support.”

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