Thursday’s Planning & Zoning Agenda

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      Thursday, April 22, 2010  6:00pm

        14025 Greenwell Springs Road

          Central, LA  70739

            1. Call to Order
            2. Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance
            3. Roll Call
            4. Recitation of Rules
            5. Approval of Minutes (March 25, 2010 Planning Meeting)
            6. Amendments and Consent Agenda


                1. SS-02-10 Minor Subdivision of Lot A-1 of the L.M. Shaffett Tract This property is located on Sullivan Road east of the Joor Road intersection.  The applicant is proposing to subdivide one tract of land into two lots.  The applicant is requesting a Waiver from Section 14.3(B)(1) of the Unified Development Code which requires a minimum area of 22,500 square feet when no public sanitary sewer is available (Applicant:  Dale Hodges) (Deferred from March 25, 2010).  **This waiver request will be heard at the April 27, 2010 Central City Council Meeting**



                1. CUP-01-10 Conditional Use Permit This property is located on Sullivan Road northeast of the Gurney Road intersection on Tracts A-1, B-1, C-2, and C-1-A at 12636 Sullivan Road.  The applicant is requesting a conditional use permit for the construction of the new middle and intermediate schools. (Applicant:  Central Community School System).


                1. SS-05-10 Concurrent Subdivision Case to SPUD-01-10 This property is located at Triple B Road west of the Kohler Lane intersection on Lots 4 through 8.  The applicant is proposing to subdivide 5 lots into 38 lots for a townhouse development (Applicant:  ABC Development).


                1. SS-C-47-07 Extension of Preliminary Plat of Minor Subdivision This property is located to the west of Greenwell Springs Road and south of Liberty Road. The applicant is requesting an extension of preliminary plat approval (Applicant:  Ruth Parsons).
              • 11. Annoucements 
                1. Adjourn

            All items on this Agenda are public hearings.  Items heard on this Agenda will be heard by the Central City Council on May 11, 2010 at this same time and location, unless the case is deferred by the Commission.

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