CIS Students Impress at End of the Year Talent Show

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Article and Photography by Beth Fussell

Central Intermediate School had their End of the Year Talent Show on Thursday, May 27th.  Thursday was also the last day of school for the kids, so the energy and excitement were running high in the packed gymnasium.  CIS students worked hard to prepare various talent show acts.  After a round of auditions, 38 acts were chosen for the final talent show.  Acts were divided into five categories: Solo Vocals, Group Vocals, Instrumental, Dance, and Other.  There were five judges for the show, including representatives from Zoar Baptist Church, Central Community Theatre, and  The morning was a fun one for both the students and their families as everyone cheered together for each act. 



There were four medals given for each category.  1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Honorable Mention awards were given.  All of the students were truly impressive when showcasing their talents.  The winners are as follows:


1st: Makayla Courville

2nd: Ashleigh Klein

3rd: Ashley Gouedy

Honorable Mention: Meghann Sullivan


1st: Bailey and Kaelyn Kendrick

2nd: Carie Fralick, Hannah Wall, Madeline Spencer, and Kendall Hawkins

3rd: Skylar Hanna, Gilnetter Wright, and Ariel Anders

Honorable Mention: Jackson Stevens, Dylan Sanchez, and Tate Kirby


1st: Christian Thompson and Allie Pizzalato

2nd: Rainn Scott-Catoire and Hannah Deziel

3rd: Collin Sharon

Honorable Mention: Ciera Peel and Chelsea Swearingen


1st: Lauren Copeland

2nd: Meagan Shows and Breanna Clark

3rd: Kyle Kepper, Dylan Fury, and Lane McCaskill

Honorable Mention: Ashlyn Lord


1st: Alaina Hutchinson

2nd: Claire Fontenot and Melody Lienemann

3rd: Leah Howell

Honorable Mention: Skylar Shipley

In addition to these awards, one special prize was given by Central Community Theatre in the form of a scholarship to one of their summer camps this year.  The award is given based on talent and a student's potential to benefit from the camp experience.  This year's winner is Martina Farris, who wowed the Central Community Theatre staff with her vocals.

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