Woman Arrested for Use of Others’ Checking Accounts

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From the EBR Sheriff's Office

East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Detectives arrested a woman during a search warrant this morning for using another person’s checking account information to pay bills. During the investigation, detectives learned that the woman may have used up to 40 different accounts (both checking and credit cards) to make payments, or attempt to make payments, on a Cox Communications account.
Marquita Johnson, 26, of 11124 Lac Cypress was booked into Parish Prison for Access Device Fraud and Theft.
EBRSO Detectives executed a search warrant at Johnson’s home today and seized  two computers, bank statements with other people’s names, multiple credit/debit cards with other people’s names, IRS and La. Department of Revenue documents listed with other people’s names and other personal identifying information of other people.
More charges pending.

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  1. cmay09

    May 27, 2010 at 7:28 pm

    Stories like this only reinforce the fact that we should all watch the charges that come out of our accounts every month. Most banks have fraud insurance in their policies, so that if someone gains access to your information, you are not liable for purchases you did not make. As a person that had their indentity stolen in the past, I will offer a few tips: #1- do not give out your social security number or banking info over a cordless or wireless phone. #2- Next time you re-new your driver’s license, opt to not have your SS number on it. #3- if you are online, make sure you do not click on “banner ads”, they can install spyware and viruses on your system. #4-Beware of FREE ANYTHING on the net: games, programs, etc. Remember that nothing in this world is free (except for that virus or spyware you just got). As for this lady, her punishment is up for a vote in my eyes, you could give her a year per offense (at around $60,000 per year at taxpayer expense), or she could maybe remain free, and be forced to work off her debt to society at a 95% return.

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