City Council Meeting Agenda- 6/8/10

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From the Central Government website

The rules for conducting such public hearings are as follows:

1) The applicant will speak first for a period not to exceed 10 minutes. Other proponents will speak next, then the opponents. Each speaker will be allowed not more than three minutes. The speakers are requested to limit their remarks and to avoid duplication in their presentations.

2) The proponents will be allowed three minutes for rebuttal.

3) The Council Members may ask questions and make comments but are urged to cooperate in an effort to spend not more than 30 minutes on any one matter before the Council.

I. Preliminary Business

(1) Call to Order

(2) Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance

(3) Roll Call

(4) Approval of minutes from the May 25, 2010 council meeting.

II. Unfinished Business


III. New Business

1) Mayor’s report and presentations.

a) Proclamation declaring June as National Home Ownership Month.

2) Introduction of the following item(s) (with public hearing to be held at the June 22, 2010 council meeting)

a) An ordinance adopting the amended Annual Budget of the City of Central for Fiscal Year 2009-2010. (By Council members Lansing & Ross)

b) An ordinance adopting the Annual Budget of the City of Central for Fiscal Year 2010-2011. (By Council members DeJohn, Lansing, Moak, Ross & Washington)

3) Discussion and action regarding the following instrument(s):

a) A resolution selecting The Advocate as the Official Journal of the City of Central.

b) A resolution authorizing the City of Central, LA to enter into an agreement with the State of Louisiana, Department of Transportation and Development under the Louisiana Statewide Flood Control Improvement Project; providing for the necessary documentation of the need for the flood control improvement; and providing for other matters in connection therewith.

c) A resolution to authorize advertisement for bids for the 2010 Road Maintenance Program to be received at City Hall and opened on July 13, 2010 at 2:00 p.m. cst. and to provide for related matters.

IV. Zoning Cases

(1) Introduction of the following item(s) (with Public Hearing to be held at the June 22, 2010 council meeting):


(2) Discussion and Action regarding the following case(s):

a) RZ-02-10 Rezoning This property is located on the northeast corner of Core Lane and Joor Road on lot “A”. The applicant is proposing to rezone from R (Rural) to A2.5 (Town House District) for a five-unit town house development. The lot is designated for commercial use on the final plat of the Rambling Oaks subdivision, which allows for multi-family use. (Applicant: Casey Patterson, Patterson Homes LLC).

Planning and Zoning Action: A motion to recommend approval of Case RZ-02-10 was made by Mr. Harry Rauls, seconded by Mr. Graydon Walker with the following conditions:

1) Applicant must satisfactorily meet all requirements of the A2.5 Town House District

2) Applicant must satisfactorily meet DPW requirements.

3) Applicant must only have one entrance to the subject site on the east side of the median on Core Lane.

Vote: 5 yeas (Messrs: Bonvillain, Burns, Giles, Rauls, Walker), 1 nay (Mr. Johnson), 1 abstention (Mr. Reado) and the motion carried.

V. Other Business

(1) Announcements

(2) Adjournment


  1. Just_Brenda

    June 7, 2010 at 6:09 pm

    My 2 cents,

    III New Bussiness

    a) A resolution selecting-
    “The ADVOCATE as the OFFICAL JOURNAL of the City of Central”

    I disagree, We will be a self supporting communtity having faith/trust in OUR leadership of news reporting. Currently Woody Jenkins/Dave If WALMART want to continue reaping from our tax dollars,both CCN/ will be made FREE of Charge at the ENTRANCE as /we the people of Central are accustomed (sp) too!. Our leadership paper should have at least” one free OPEN LINE sharing information made available to the people of Central 24/7″ along with One free paper issue weekly. We are people that do not need a outside newspaper to keep us inform, however, Woody Jenkins and Centralspeak will not abuse this honor and in good faith provide a good, fun, sometimes funny,sometime just their take on events. However, they will TRY to answer questions for the people based on their abilty, based on what they believe/understand to be true, Nor will their “company/employ” good name- Centralspeaks/ Woody Jenkins stir the peacefulness of the City of Central with ugly intent, such as pick up more ads, readers, campaigning against one another, other non- good faith reason.
    If either paper shall wish to resign of running their City Newspaper, it SHOULD in respect, give a clear – NOTICE of this, on a local level AND thur the Advocate of Baton Rouge Louisiana, running a half page ad in both local printed paper and the Advocate of Baton Rouge Louisiana for a mininum of 6 months daily.- at their expense. Allowing, any free person- enterprise,company, free-lancer, ect, To review the operation/books/profits-cost of the resigning company. All interested party will be welcomed to a public counsel meeting- and may ask for support from the people of central, at least 1 month after this becomes public knowledge. Then given 6 months AFTER the public counsel meeting of all interested parties. To submit their final bid. Allowing NO BLACK BOX PRACTICES( in other words- you already know/promised this job to someone.) This information will then become public records- notarized and made available for public viewing at Central City Hall. The purchase agreement for agreed price, will then be recorded at City of Central Hall for public viewing. Once the people of Central have had at least 2 weeks of viewing all transactions. A public WELCOME/Meet and greet will be HOSTED by our Mayor with a red ribbon “Hometown Welcome” with free questions and answers news-reporting – 6 months BEFORE the takeover happens. Giving the people a Fair Chance to decide for themself. – (wording need HELP- but you get my idea)- again this is just in outline format- what yall think? Mr- willaims please feel free to make grammer correction, I am on Vacation- and just really throw this together, something to think about for the meeting tomorrow- I feel it was because CENTRAL WAS ONLY USING THE ADVOCATE- we were UNEDUCATED AND UNINFORMED–NOW they WANT TO MAKE IT LIGIT– NO WAY– We fought to hard- to have our voices heard, This is REPEATING OUR HISTORY MISTAKES, Keeping a veil of secrets growing in Central– Please ROSS, or washington or Ms. Langsling!!!- whoever everybody loves- Dont let this past.. Yall keep me posted on the results- or I will have to wait for CCN FIRST, Then CS to print, then be able to react– Great job Dave- On printing the adgenda BEFORE the MEETING!!! These are always so hard to get!! Great job GUY!!!

    I have no claim on this transparents outline of business 101, it is given to all… To build from. You may use it as a brainstorm for transparent realtionship, government, eduacational, this is free to use or just not read- Good Day!!! Someone go take picture of the BOYSCOUTS GAME TONITE 7:00 at Greenwell spring park- I heard, and report the score!!! DEN 13 Raised ALOT for MONEY FOR CENTRAL- They Deserve a liitle support, and cheering- I hate that I can’t be there…. I want to love may city- but I am not a true blue Maroon. Nice “About us” by the way (DAVE?), does Alabama TIDE count- Cause the TIDE JUST ROLLED IN!!!! lol- GEAUX TIGERS!!! – and I am half kidding. Life fun, enjoy it.

  2. Just_Brenda

    June 7, 2010 at 9:13 pm

    Mike M- this is my last chance, before- I print “Mike 15 mintues of fame- Prediction?” We LIKE IKE???before I run with tommy higgs, you are a classic class- answer a direct Question, show these PEOPLE YOUR are on Merit!!! What relationship is Tommy Higgs and you son have.?
    You bored Mike, rage you lost by 300 votes,,,, you still campagning?- Research FAST_ in tommorrow meeting- who are the names listed under
    RZ-02-10 Rezoning – votes 5 yeas (Messrs: ect???) Deadline are hard- but you can DO THIS MIKE!!!!- I got to go!!!!

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