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Submitted by the City of Central


The City of Central Planning & Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing on Thursday, June 24, 2010 at 6:00pm at Kristenwood Meeting Facility, 14025 Greenwell Springs Rd, Central, LA 70739 to consider the following item(s):

RZ-03-10 Rezoning  This property is located at 12249 Hooper Road on Lot 5, being on the north side of Hooper Road east of the Joor Road intersection in Section 6, T-6-S, R-2-E, GLD, EBR, LA.  The applicant is proposing to rezone from R (Rural) to LC1 (Light Commercial One District) for a real estate firm. (Applicant:  Clarence Fruge, Jr.) 


  1. Just_Brenda

    June 8, 2010 at 3:21 pm

    wrong names– the one with 5 yeas- (Mess.._) who are these people… yall might have something here… Mike M. man up– who is higg, what position does he hold in CH2MILL, what is your and your son connection with HIGG?

    I would delay All rezoning- till may 24th! Delay it past the 30 mins allowed time frame..

    Ross- washington-jansling- People of Central! call your friends go to tonite meeting. Be our voice and ears. Delay all zoning till May 24th,, ask dumb question if you have too… YA’LL can do this!!!

    Beth- there is no hot topic tab- for people to understand When this all started 6-8 pages back… Call maybe a good heart guy- named BROCKWELL- he might help you for free, this is stirring/causing confussing. (Mr/Ms. Willaim grammer check please)

    We are live radio in mayberry alabama- our young boys are ready!!!- to deploy friday to US AIR FORCE!!! World Cup fan– let the games begans also FRIDAY!!! In 1994 (or was that 1992?) sorry must be my age getting the best of me!however, I was at world cup– in 1989 I was supported (I mean sponsered)by Picidily, snicker- to take our young boys- to Com. Russia, and we/they promised when we/they grew up- we would not HATE each other- Fact source- Gen. Book of world record, also #2 gen Book of world record- played at indepences (sp) parks on goodwood next to library In Baton Rouge Louisiana– for longest non-stop game in history— leadership Knighten- now collage soccer coach in the good state of Louisiana- “he helped me understand the game of soccer”– local hero– southern coach girl soccer, but that was along time ago.. Can I post now Mr/Ms williams!!!- Kyle thanks for the support. That was nice of you! I really got to go– I hope and wish yall the best… I aint readng hatebook/facebook till I return to the good state of Louisiana cause- I am on vacation- I will trust in the leadership of our newpapers to report honestly.. along with all elected members- GOOD DAY.
    Last 2 cents for them summer break kids- collage classes our now open-

    Woody Jenkins ask- Are we prepared to work on a “Veil of Secret of the Goverment? I would like to know that answer too? from Central?? Please submit your essay to be printed to Beth– I would like to “calmy” read from that little guy yall told to shut up -till he had 20 years experience- what was his name again???- Help me hatebook/facebook- louis I think! ADULTS: Do you know the suidicide rate of young kids in Central- No!- woody never told me that!!! My children also have to write this essay- lifes fun, learning fun, GREAT JOB- Tanglewood Elem- Super: Faulk, Ms. Davis, Jason Fountain (sp) Ms. Kent!!! We love to go to school again..

    I understand that it was the true testing off 3 years teaching to make these scores work, and we understand that we have 10,000 new residents that had to play ALOT of catch up— Thats why- I feel Ms. Guttery (Bellingrath Elem)should be the teacher of The decade- because she work HARD, on her own time, sending out her own material to CATCH UP the New KIDS!!! Ms, Guttery- you are a hard find, I hope you dont leave Central- Because Central NEEDS people like you, COMPASSION, UNDERSTANDING, and Just LOVES HER JOB.. That my 2 cents on Central at it BEST!!!

    Good Day-

    Summer work- Colume righter- WE LIKE IKE– 15 mins of fame PREDICTION!! Sorry Mike, but you cant answer direct question?? You practice the Veil of Secret– but CCN supported you- are did they???- source hatebook/facebook? Mike marinno (sp)?Define your prediction? GONE- has a report been made to the local police? Higgs is gone, he is the fall guy? (what does that mean???)
    Your last posting on hatebook/facebook was aprox June 7th- so I know you are not at a family death again. I believe you too MIKE! Yes people- Mike Marnino? the guy, that almost got in. I too fell for his prinicple! Thank god- sometime I have to trust in GOD- and pray for the wisdom,courage and guideness. Then accept the things I cannot change!!! Which is a true blue Maroon blood, bleeding purple and gold- I to am crimson blood ed… I am as mad at NICK Sabine as yall is- and I cheer the LOUDEST and any team playing against him.. But when we almost beat ya’ll in your home truf…lmao- Pulling off my aluma sweatshirt was PRCELESS!!!! Those drunk good ole boys, almost took my beer away!!!! Ya’ll do know the story of the big white horse? Mr/Ms William- you did know History? Before you attack – ask the question- what is a big white horse, and I would have told you I was talking about my education- from TROY– Know your history, because it repeats itself!!! –

    Sign off- Good DAY!!

    Beth you are flooding your own system- with the amount of news— slow down- and answer to the tread you started. That way I dont have to do a frecking 8 page summary. Its yall paper, run with it- and good luck… I got better things to do.

    Good nite- shawn

  2. Just_Brenda

    June 8, 2010 at 6:15 pm

    PS- They/central, union are trying to ligit- get Advocate as their paper- people dont let this happen- you will contiune to be blocked- and then have to pay for the paper, then have to find the meeting… repeating the same mistake.. heed my advise or not– meeting tonight– PLEASE- ross, washington, lansing WE are adults, we CAN trust and decide in our election officers and news reporting to tell us the TRUTH,we DONT NEED a outside new reporter (Such as the ADVOCATE or wafb for that matter-link jenkins)(Check ownership of advocate. PLEASE mike.)To decide what is printed for our coumminity(sp) of the people of Central- we can be a self supported government IF WE HAVE fACTS and common sence (sp)
    and we don’t lose our voice to CENSORSHIP, ( ARE yall friends with my EX-in-laws by any chance??? From Mississippi to hair dresser in CENTRAL- no need in giving free business advertisment out to a laywer and state farm agent) this paper is/would go off line at the swearing of our elected members, (I would “IF”, it was my paper) thank God it’s NOT!!!- Thank god the bussiness proprosel was written down first!!! Page 6thur 10—yall try to find it… CentraLspeak dated Monday june 7th- source, centralspeaks

    Folks- I am being honest- I can’t help yall. But you have alot of educated people here in your town. That have a great education when education in louisiana was free– if your scared don’t be- put out ads, looked for the gifted and magnet school Glasgow and public deaf school LEE HIGH– people we are educated!!! running our grandfather bussinesses. But I aint- giving spoil brats a lifetime of HARD LESSONS and free collage top in my class, that I HAVE to pay back- I have to help the KIDS. Good luck Central- however if you are like the Ladners- you swore to my family, if you where allowed marriage of this DEAF SOCCER CHILD!!!! YOU WOULD PAY FOR MY EDUCATION? Did you NOT LADNER???? louisiana/ alabama- But when your COUSIN (Mike check central yearbook-please) told me she was gonna cut my hair and put some dirty laundry in it, I said ok????(this girl is werid) _source lee high year book- “coach asked for a german nazi proproganda(sp) book -gift paid for by LEE HIGH girl soccer team!! Witness attorney:Winston Dequire- also Son Jason Dequire also TEACHER of Lee High Science Teacher – Ms. Dequire – class of 1989. Ms marketing education ME! Yes- I am talking about the little guy that ran for office in Baton Rouge District -right before the hurrican gustava displaced my grandmother house! and I moved to this hateful town- woody said was mayberry-

    Sorry Dave- I did that, I had too—- Happy Father days DAD!!! Their is your book, In loving memory of my Grandfather, who taught a deaf child to work!!! Plants trees if you have too, or cotton!

    sign-off- desi__!!!

    Happy Father day- to my GREAT teacher- who taught me – everything I know ED… I am sorry I got you FIRED!!! correction- you took off, but I have a degee and cant get a job- because of the SLANDERING on my name!!!! Jane Doe!!!

    Washington- didn’t we get pass the hate, in the bussing system???-I guess not!!! Maybe we should, go back to EBR- we just aint ready yet!!!

    Die hard- true blue Maroon, the tide just rolled in… Geaux TIGER!!! beware The lady of Troy…

    Any money made on this paper, I willed it “to my Daughter”- Because- this is actually HER STORY!!!

    She was couins of helen keller-

    Freedom, of speech, Freedom of Press – Don’t take it away!!! Locally or nationally. but then again that just my take on things. –

    live tv- 24/7 viewed by the students/owned by the students.

    How is that for a resume?

    Mitzi- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

  3. Donna Dufour

    June 9, 2010 at 5:48 am

    For the love of PETE???????

  4. Mark White

    June 9, 2010 at 9:40 am

    I have no idea what I just read. Dave, help us!

  5. dave

    June 9, 2010 at 10:02 am

    I suggest that everyone step back and give everyone else the benefit of the doubt. Let’s let kindness slowly creep back into our dealings with one another.

  6. William

    June 9, 2010 at 9:38 pm

    I have been kind but can you honestly explain what Brenda is referring to? Brenda and I have gone back and forth on the issue of her posts. I am not being unkind. I am trying to understand her opinion/point on these matters and I just can’t put it all together. I am sorry in advance if you find this questioning offensive.
    I will not proofread. That was never my intention from the beginning as your sarcasm implies. I was just asking you what your point was. Just state your cause. I don’t care about Mayberry, or what’s going on in whatever city you are in right now. What EXACTLY are you trying to say minus all the “Happy Birthdays” and “Thank You Teacher” stuff? This is not a mean, unkind, disingenuous, mean-spirited question, so please don’t take it as such.

  7. Sophia

    June 10, 2010 at 6:42 pm

    Hang in there Brenda! Not sure what you are going thru but hope you are ok.

  8. Maria

    June 11, 2010 at 12:27 pm

    I’m praying for “Just Brenda”. We all should.

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