Funding for Loop Study Restored

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By Dave Freneaux

In conference committee in the final hours of the legislative session Representatine Hunter Green, Republican-Baton Rouge, had the $5 million BR Loop Study funding added back to the $4.7 billion state construction bill which will be sent to Gov. Jindal for his signature.  The funding originated in the House but was removed from the bill in a Senate Committee.  Subsequent efforts to add the funding back on the floor of the full Senate also failed.  After the Senate passed the bill without the Loop Study funding it went to conference committee, where differences between the House and Senat versions of the bill are reconciled.  That is the point at which Rep. Green successfully added the $5 million back into the bill.  The House then passed the bill as ammended and sent ot on to the Governor.
Representatives Clif Richardson and Bodi White, both of Central, voted against the funding.  Richardson comments that we had a commitment over a year ago that input would be sought from Central before the project moved forward, and that has not been done.  Richardson adds, the law indicates that without the participation of Parish Presidents in surrounding Parishes, the loop can only run from the Mississippi River to the Amite River, meaning that $5 million is being spent to study a 12 mile section of toll road. 

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  1. Wayne Leader

    June 25, 2010 at 6:08 pm

    A group has met to campaign for the veto of a line item for funding for the BR loop. We need people to contact Governor Jindal at, Chief of staff Timmy Teepell at 342-7015 fax 342-2077 email ; Comm of Adm Angele Davis at 342-7000 fax 342-1057 email Mailing address State capitol, 4th Floor, P.O. Box 94004, Baton Rouge, La 70804-9004. Ask them to line item veto this funing. We need to do this quickly as we do not know when Gov Jindal may sign this bill.
    Some info
    $6.2 million for a study of a hwy from I10 in WBR to the Amite River in Central, EBR, some 20 miles is $310,000.00 per mile. The first study was $6.5 million for 80 miles or $81,250.00 per mile.
    This is no longer a loop, it is a by-pass to the Amite River, here in Central. It can not go to Livingston because Grimmer pulled out.
    It’s time to stop this wasteful spending. It’s time to Kill the loop. It’s time to stop these engineers and other professionals on this project from getting rich off our tax dollars. Please get involved and help stop this.

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