Shot Fired into Brick Wall at Central Daquiri Shop

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By Dave Freneaux

At about 11:00 PM on Friday night, June 25th, George Shannon, a 21 year old resident of Jackson Road in Zachary, sat on a stool at Twisted Daquiri's bar and fired a single shot under the countertop into the brick wall of the bar.  The establishment has a multi-camera video surveillance system and CentralSpeaks.com has viewed the footage of the incident.  The accused appears to conceal the weapon in front of him under the bar, fire the weapon into the brick wall just inches in front of him, then hide the weapon in his clothing and act as if he were not involved in the incident.  Within 15 seconds of the shot, employees of the establishment were beside the shooter and within another 30 seconds the accused was being physically restrained by several more employees working security for the daiquiri shop, and the gun had been secured.
The Sheriff's department was called immediately and arrived minutes after the incident.  The accused was advised of his rights per Miranda, which he stated that he understood. The accused was booked on the charges of Illegal use of a weapon, and Illegal carrying of a weapon in a place which serves alcoholic beverages.  The owner stated that every effort has been made, including having extra employees on hand for security on busy nights, to ensure that the establishment should be a safe environment.  Employees had not seen the accused in the establishment prior to the day of the incident.

The owner of the establishment provided the following statement: "The Twisted Daiquiri's management team greatly regrets that our new facility, trusted employees, and valued customers have fallen victim to an unprovoked disturbance on June 25, 2010. We commend the professional response of our employees and the swift action of the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's office to subdue the disturbance, restore a safe and friendly environment at our place of business, and apprehend the persons responsible for the unwarranted incident. We regret any disruption of service caused by the matter, and we thank customers for their patience and understanding, as well as their continued support as we strive to grow our business in the City of Central."


  1. Mike Mannino

    June 29, 2010 at 10:32 am

    Interesting. The facts seem to conflict with the story all the people defending this place were putting out. Unfortunately, it is very tough to stop this type of thing. If a person really wants to do something like this, very little can be done. Just have to watch the people frequenting the business. Nothing will run off business quicker than something like this so I’m sure the owners will take quick action to prevent in the future. I commend the people who stopped this guy, risking their lives, because this could have been much worse know that we know it wasnt an accidental discharge.

  2. Mike Mannino

    June 29, 2010 at 12:58 pm

    Just so you are aware, comments are being made about how you were able to access the video of something that is under investigation. You may want to comment.

    • dave

      June 29, 2010 at 1:08 pm

      Pretty simple actually. I have received nothing from the authorities other than the generic press release issued by their Public Information Officer, so there is no special treatment here. I just asked the business owner if I could view his surveillance video and he agreed, since it is better to have the whole story reported correctly than to have rumors floating around. Jonathan trusts me to report fairly and accurately and he has nothing to hide. It is kind of like the victim of a mugging being willing to tell a reporter what happened. The police may be disallowed from sharing the information they have gathered, but the victim can tell the truth all day long.

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