Greenwell Springs Road Overlay Bids Accepted

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Submitted by David Barrow

On July 27, 2010, DOTD accepted bids for overlay and rehabilitation of Greenwell Springs Rd (LA37) from Sullivan Rd to Magnolia Bridge Rd.  Work should begin later this fall.  Barber Brothers Contracting Co., LLC was the apparent low bidder.
Lead Project: 254-02-0052
Parish: East Baton Rouge
Routes: LA 37 (Greenwell Springs Rd)
Description: SULLIVAN ROAD – S. JCT. LA 64
Estimated Construction Cost: $1,987,456.05

RankLicenseBidderConstruction Bid
1 00046 Barber Bros. Contracting Co., L.L.C $1,999,997.35
2 00481 Coastal Bridge Co., L.L.C. $2,126,575.16
3 00849 F.G. Sullivan, Jr. Contractor LLC $2,187,301.45

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  1. Captain Obvious

    August 7, 2010 at 1:03 pm

    Thank God that road is going to be resurfaced; however, we are in for a long haul with the contractor that got the project. All 3 low bidders are slooowwwww and the lowest bidder is horrible with traffic control. Be ready for long delays on traffic. Too bad the company that Central hired to do the master planning has this road listed as a collector while DOTD has it listed as a principal arterial. This will probably be the only work done on this road for a long time since all efforts are being put on Hooper and Sullivan. DOTD has mentioned this stretch is designed for widening but sewer must be designed and paid for. Guess those monies are being used on the other roads mentioned by the city.

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