Treasure Hunt Has Ended- Over $1000 Raised for Charity

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By Beth Fussell

The First Annual Charity Treasure Hunt sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce ended last weekend.  Participants visited Central businesses over a period of four weeks to pick up clues that eventually led to a phone number for the last clue.  The first person to call with the final clue answer on Saturday night won the Treasure, which was made up of both cash and gift items totaling over $1000 in value.  The prize was a compilation of donations from the 24 participating Central area businesses that each donated a prize and some cash for the winner.

The winners of this year’s Treasure Hunt were three teenagers: Cale McKey, Dylan Laird, and Layton Laird, who worked together on the Hunt.  The boys won $450 in cash plus gift cards to various Central businesses and restaurants, along with donated prizes like a drill, cell phone accessories, and a huge LSU pillow, among others.  When the guys came to claim their prize, we were surprised and touched to hear that they are donating $100 of their prize money to Central Relay for Life.  We are grateful that young men would choose to give to a charity when no one asked or expected them to do so.  This is a wonderful example of the kindness and generosity displayed by so many of the people here in Central.

When it comes to Central’s willingness to give, the Treasure Hunt has been a prime example of that.  Not only did the 24 businesses donate prizes for the winner, but they also gave money to the Treasure Hunt charity, Central Relay for Life, which is an annual fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.  Participants in the Treasure Hunt also donated to Relay when they picked up their clues.  One thing we were not expecting, however, was that members of the community who were not even participating in the Hunt would donate to the cause.  Because of these donations from businesses, community members, and Treasure Hunt participants, over $1,000 has been raised so far for the Central Relay for Life.  Many generous Central business owners have asked to keep the donation containers at their businesses even after the Treasure Hunt has ended, because they would like to continue raising money for Relay for Life.  So if you would like to make a donation to Relay, stop by one of the businesses in the list below, as most of them are still accepting Relay donations.  If you are a business owner who did not participate in the Treasure Hunt but would like a donation container for your business, please call at 262-3730 and we will bring a container to you.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in and donated to the Treasure Hunt.  A huge thank you is owed to the following Central businesses who donated to the cause and without whom the Treasure Hunt could not have happened.


Central Florist

Central Perk

CH2M Hill

Claire Marie’s

Computer Evolutions

David’s Tiger Express

Hunt’s Tire & Car Care

Mats N’ Frames

Merle Norman

NAPA Auto Parts

Pat’s Home Center

People’s Bank

Pit Crew Barbecue

Polly’s Home and Garden

Price Co

Rogers Regional Eye Center

Romero’s Food Mart (Joor @ Core)

Romero’s Food Mart (Joor @ Lovett)

Ross Tire & Service

Smooch My Pooch

Subway (Hooper)

Walton J. Barnes Attorney

Wireless Unlimited


  1. Melissa Mckey

    August 25, 2010 at 10:03 pm

    Congratulations Guys! Cale, as your mother, I could not be more proud of you for your decission to donate a portion of the winnings. Layton and Dylan, both of you are true examples of admirable young men for your donations. The three of you make your families very proud. I am honored to have each of you in my daily life!

  2. G. Brister

    August 26, 2010 at 12:54 pm

    Congrats!! The Treasure Hunt was a fantastic idea. Thank you for
    all that your Team has and is doing for the Relay for Life. If only there were more like you!! Keep up the good work, and God Bless.

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