Groundbreaking for Central Thruway Phase 1

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Submitted by David Barrow, Photo by Rodney Bonvillain

Phase 1 Paving project includes the concrete paving of the Central Thruway from Florida Blvd to the south approach slab of the Sullivan Bayou Bridge.
The project also will provide new turning lanes and signal improvements at Florida Blvd and Central Thruway.
The project also includes the re-alignment of the existing S. Choctaw to relocate the intersection to tie into the Central Thruway instead of Florida Blvd.
This paving project includes 20,500 square yards of new concrete pavement and the associated drainage structures.
Construction cost:  $3.6 million.
Anticipated completion of this Phase 1 Paving project:  January 2011.
Contractor:  James Construction Group, LLC
Photo:  Bryan Harman, Chief Engineer DPW; Jim Ferguson, DPW Engineer; David Barrow, Executive Assistant, City of Central; Scott Wilson, Metro 4 Councilman; EBR Mayor-President Kip Holden; Melissa Glascock, DPW Engineer; Pete Newkirk, EBR DPW Director; James Construction Group representative; Jose Alvarez, DPW Engineer

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