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Submitted by Mindy Callender

There is a little place on Joor Rd in which I entrust my most prized possessions….my children. Seven years ago, I brought my 9 month old son to a lady by the name of Shari Gardner. She was just beginning to keep children in her home and my son was the first. The emotions I felt that day were too much to bear. I must have called her 20 times each day that first week. Anyone who has children of their own can understand how scary it was to leave your baby with someone for the first time, especially since it wasn’t a family member who I was leaving him with. That decision turned out to be the best decision I would ever make when it came to the security of my children. A couple of years later she decided to open a daycare on Joor Rd called Imagination Station Childcare and Learning Center.

When you’re a parent who cannot afford the luxury of staying home with your children, there’s no better feeling than to drop your child off and have NO doubt in your mind that your child’s needs are being met and exceeded, especially when it’s a six week old baby girl. When your child is in daycare five days a week, they tend to spend more of their early years with the people at daycare than they do at home with their parents. So knowing that they are getting the best care possible really puts a young parent’s mind at ease.

Shari and her staff have made the center a "home away from home" while achieving a sense of independence as well as working well with others, allowing the children to use their imagination along with building strong language and thinking skills.

My youngest child, my 4 year old daughter, is attending Pre-K 4 at Imagination Station, as did my 7 year old son, who has done exceptionally in all areas of his schoolwork. Imagination Station gives me all the confidence in the world that she is going to be more than ready for kindergarten the following year.

They are a Class A Center with webcam monitoring…just one of the many reasons to trust them with your most valuable treasures!
Thank you to Shari and her staff at Imagination Station Childcare and Learning Center.

Mindy M. Callender
Central, La

Imagination Station is located at 10912 Joor Road in Central.  Give them a call at 262-4481.

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  1. Gary and Vickie Marshall

    September 3, 2010 at 4:33 pm

    Thanks Shari for taking care of all 4 of our grandchildren! Central is truly blessed to have you and Imagination Station Childcare and Learning Center. We have never worried for the last 7 years because we knew they were in your care.

    Gary and Vickie Marshall

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