Why The School Free/Reduced Lunch Program Is Important

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From the Central High School website

Parents and members of the CHS community,

What if I told you about an opportunity to participate in a fundraiser that could earn $300,000 to $600,000 in technology and instructional materials for our school? All without selling candy, washing cars, or collecting coffee barcodes! Would you be willing to help?

Central High is very close—less than 50 students last year—to qualifying for half a million dollars in federal funding. For this reason, our incentives for 2010-2011 require the submission of a free/reduced lunch form.

All you need to do is return your child's completed lunch form before September 10th. Please fill out the form, even if you think you are not eligible or if you have submitted a form for another child. Every effort will be made to keep your information confidential; the forms will go directly from our teachers to Central Community Schools Nutrition Department personnel for processing.

 Please help us provide your children with the best educational resources available. You may direct any questions to Beth Miller, Assistant Principal, at 261-3438 or email.

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