Dyslexia Classes to Begin Soon

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By Brady Forman

What does it mean to be Dyslexic? During the past few years I have learned that there are children, youth and adults who are dyslexic. Dyslexic persons are known to be very intelligent, but have difficulty reading, spelling, copying notes from a chalkboard, or knowing which way is left or right.  Being dyslexic is not something you catch but inherit. It is believed that 10% of children today are dyslexic.  A dyslexic is always a dyslexic.

For the past 10 years the Central Masonic Lodge has been conducting special classes for students who are dyslexic and has helped 37 students.  During the past 4 years the Trinity Union Masonic Lodge has joined the Central Lodge in sponsoring the program.  By the month of April 2011, 4 more students will have completed the program. 

There are plans now to start two more classes in October 2010 for the younger students.  The training program is completely funded by the Masons.  There is no cost for a student to participate in the program. There is also a one year program for older students.  Classes are for one hour after school hours at the Blackwater United Methodist Church on Blackwater Road.

The two year program is for students in grades 4-6. Students in the third grade may apply if they are able to read and write cursive writing.  There is a one year program for students 13 and above or who are in the 7th – 11th grades. 

If you know a student whom you think might be dyslexic or you would like to know more about Dyslexia then call me at 261-9010 or Ted Powell at 654-3615.

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