Central Community Assistance Foundation Moving Forward

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By Beth Fussell

    The Central Community Assistance Foundation held a public meeting last Thursday at Central Intermediate.  The CCAF is steadily gaining public interest and support as more progress is made with the Foundation.  At Thursday’s meeting, committees were formed, and nearly everyone in attendance volunteered for a committee to help the Foundation become a success and reach the people it needs to reach.  Committees formed included food, education, clothing, fundraising, and communications.  The CCAF has submitted the necessary paperwork to become a non-profit organization.  They have also written bylaws and formed a Board of Directors. 

    The CCAF is working hard to be able to help Central students and their families who are in need of assistance, whether it be food, clothing, school supplies, educational help, emergency housing, or any other related need.  The hope is that they will be able to gather together existing resources and to create new ones as needed so that no student in Central goes without something that they need to succeed in school.

    Keep an eye out for announcements in the future about upcoming meetings that you can attend and ways that you can get involved.

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