Central Schools Rank #6 Overall in State, #2 in Graduation Rate

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Central Schools Rank #6 Overall in State

District Turns in 2nd Highest Graduation Rate in State

CENTRAL, La. – Central Community Schools have improved their overall District Performance Score to 107.6, up 1.8 points from last year’s top-tier score, giving the school district the No. 6 ranking in the state, according to the Louisiana Department of Education’s 2010 report.

The report noted that four of the district’s five schools received School Performance Scores of more than 100 points, qualifying them as three-star schools, according to the state’s ranking system.  The district’s latest cohort graduation rate is at 87.5 percent, which is the second highest in the state for the 2008-2009 school year, according to preliminary reports from the state.

“We are very pleased with the district’s overall numbers and especially the preliminary report on our graduation rates.  This success is a direct result of the hard work of our teachers and administrators, as well as our parents and community who support our efforts and encourage our children to do their best,” Superintendent Michael Faulk said.

This is the second year that Central Community Schools have been included in the state-wide accountability report.  The state’s scoring system requires that a district report at least two consecutive years of results on state accountability tests and other statistical measurements before it can be compared to other public school districts in the state.  The Central Community School District has successfully completed four school years as an independent district, and it is currently in its fifth year.

The state’s cohort graduation rate measures the percentage of incoming freshman who graduate in the four-year prescribed time; thus, four consecutive years of results are needed for that score.  Central will receive its first graduation rate score this year.  The first preliminary report shows the district has the second-highest graduation rate in the state with 87.5 percent.  However, actual calculations will not be reported until early 2011.

Meanwhile, Central Schools have ranked among the state’s top-tier schools since its inclusion in the state’s accountability program.  This year’s report ranks the top districts as:  Zachary Community Schools, 119.8; West Feliciana Parish, 110.5; Orleans Parish, 110.3; St. Tammany Parish, 109.7; Vernon Parish, 108.6; Central Community Schools, 107.6; Jefferson Davis Parish, 107.3; Livingston Parish, 107.0; Ascension Parish, 105.6; and St. Charles Parish, 105.5.

Faulk said he anticipated an improved score this year after seeing preliminary results provided by the state in the fall.  At that time, the state reported that Central’s students were scoring well above their state peers on the iLEAP, LEAP and GEE tests.  In fact, the report showed that 86 percent of Central’s fourth graders scored proficient in both English/language arts and math, which ranked as the state’s sixth highest score, and 79 percent of its eighth graders scoring proficient in both subjects, which ranked as the state’s eighth best score. 

That report also showed that Central High students taking the state’s Graduate Exit Exam (GEE) outpaced their peers statewide, too.  Seventy-two percent scored proficient in English/language arts, compared to 63 percent statewide; 83 percent earned a passing score in math, compared to 69 percent statewide; 76 percent passed science, while only 60 percent statewide did; and 85 percent scored proficient in social studies, while the state average was 65 percent.  High school students must pass three of the four sections of the GEE to be eligible to graduate.

Those results are used to calculate 2009-2010 School Performance Scores, resulting in four of five Central Schools scoring over 100 points –

  • Tanglewood Elementary – 117.3
  • Bellingrath Hills Elementary – 115.7
  • Central High – 112.0
  • Central Intermediate – 102.5
  • Central Middle – 98.5


Faulk noted that four of five of the district’s schools improved their scores from the previous year.  The two elementary schools had the most improvement — Bellingrath Hills Elementary improved 16.5 points and Tanglewood Elementary is up 15.2 points.  Central Middle bettered last year’s score by 7.1 points and Central High is up 6.8 points. Central Intermediate had a slight dip in their scores, down 2.2 points from last year’s 104.7 score.

“It’s important that our students continue to improve and they continue to compete well among their peers.  Our administrators will take this latest report and break it down to see where we might continue to make improvements to advance our students,” he said.


  1. Keith Holmes

    October 14, 2010 at 11:51 am

    Results we should be proud of but not satisfied with. We need to focus on not just being the best in Louisiana, which I remind everyone is 47th in the USA and the USA is far down on the list of developed countries, but the best in the nation.

    I challenge the citizens of Central to make education a priority. We need to create a culture of excellence and high standards. As a friend of mine whose child went to Epispocal stated, “the reason I like going to Epispocal is because being smart is cool.”

    With our own school system their is no limit. We should be able to provide the same challenging education to our top level students as any school in the country. No parent should have to sacrifice the quality of the education received by keeping their children in our school system. We need to put in place a system whereby we recognize the potential of all of children and provide for them the best education we can, whether that be the college bound or the vocational bound student.

    I congradulate CCSS on their results and look forward to even better results in the years to come!!!

  2. kyle

    October 14, 2010 at 4:45 pm

    Congrats to all the hard working TEACHERS out there who made this happen!!! You are the ones who deserve the credit!

  3. Ray

    October 17, 2010 at 9:48 pm

    I was on the La. Dept of Education website to compare 2009-2010 School Performance Scores with other districts and found Central’s numbers different than those posted here. Bellingrath 109.4 Tanglewood 112.3 CIS 103.1 CMS 97.1 and CHS 114.2.

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