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  1. kyle

    October 24, 2010 at 12:25 pm

    Dave: Thanks again for another great newspaper edition with plenty of unbiased information about our community. I would like to take this opportunity to compare a few things about our local newspapers (Central City News (CCN) and Central Speaks (CS)):

    In the October 21 edition of CCN there were the following 10 major stories/articles:

    1) Central vs. Zachary football game
    2) The weekly bashing of CH2MHill (to which CCN could owe over $60,000 in legal bills). This time, Mr. Jenkins gave credit to Ralph Washington in helping to try to run CH2M out of town without any comments from the mayor or other council members. Sounds like a personal vendetta to me.
    3) Info on the Nov. 2 ballot (ties into his politically connected newspaper ideas and personal agenda)
    4) A small article on the school board drug testing, which has created lots of controversy in the community (and I personally support the drug testing).
    5) A huge several page spread on Central people at a LSU football game. Since when has Mr. Jenkins ever got on the sidelines of an LSU game before to take pictures? This seems like strange timing since he was writing in his last edition that his newspaper is on the brink of going out of business. Could this be a clever ploy to put more pictures in his paper in order to encourage people to read his paper, since most people say they pick up his paper to look at the pictures only anyway?
    6) An article continuing to bash the chamber of commerce for allowing free enterprise and coming up with an innovative tool for promoting the chamber and the hundreds of businesses in Central. (Oh wait, that’s Mr. Jenkin’s job through his newspaper. Bad idea since that would competition)
    7) A large article on Jenkin’s personal friend Bill Cassidy. (I do think Mr. Cassidy is doing a good job).
    8) A several page spread on Istrouma High School (Mr. Jenkins alma matter). The start of the article, he states this is from Magnolia Bridge Rd (not Central or Livingston). Please tell me what all this has to do with Central. Seems it has more to do with Mr. Jenkins friends from high school.
    9) An article on the mayor’s city services committee
    10) Central Private football game.

    There was also an editorial from Mr. Jenkins on how to reform Congress. Once again, Mr. Jenkins using his newspaper to further his own personal political agenda and philosophies. About half of the articles and his editorial had to deal with politics from Mr. Jenkins own view.

    Now, let’s look at the October 21 edition of Central Speaks (CS).

    There were 27 stories. All of them were about Central events and our community:
    1) Relay for Life cover story on front page. This is a great event for cancer awareness and a huge fundraiser that involves many of our citizens. CCN’s only mention was small 5-line blurb in their “events” section on page 10. Much better coverage in CS.
    2) Cover story on CHS and CP football with two full page stories in the Sports section
    3) Kiwanis Get Fit Central raises money for Central schools (no mention in CCN)
    4) Chamber of Commerce directory update.
    5) A complete Central Planning & Zoning Agenda for the Oct. 28 meeting. CCN never mentioned a P&Z meeting or published an agenda.
    6) A notice of upcoming road work on Greenwell Springs Rd, which affects thousands of people a day. No metion of this in CCN.
    7) A letter from the mayor on Blue Stars Moms and Halloween Trick or Treat info. No mention of this in CCN, even though the mayor sends his notices to both papers.
    8) City Services Committee work info
    9) Lake After Hours Grand opening ceremony. (This was sponsored by the Chamber, so Mr. Jenkins didn’t publicize this due to his feud with the Chamber). Thank you CS for publicizing a new business opening in Central.
    10) Business Spotlight: Face Painting for Fun, LLC. Thank you CS for highlighting and promoting local businesses for free. Based upon the ad on the last page of CCN where two sales reps are asking for your help, CCN appears to only promote your business if you purchase an ad with them and pay them to promote it).
    11) Central represented at the Biz Tech Expo at the River Central. This is a huge promotion for Central businesses. Again, no coverage by CCN because Mr. Jenkins is feuding with the Chamber and with the Economic Development Foundation head Wade Giles.
    12) Central Women’s Club huge shopping event last weekend at Central High. No mention in CCN. I guess there wasn’t a congressman or Istrouma High alumni there for photo opportunities.
    13) Community History Day
    14) Central Academy fall festival given good promotion on p. 6.
    15) Haunted House info in Forest Glen Estates
    16) Pumpkin Patch at Blackwater United Methodist Church
    17) Down Syndrome Buddy Walk on Oct. 30
    18) CHS students raising funds for NYC trip
    19) Central Private Honor Roll students list.
    20) Central School System Drug testing policy.
    21) CMS football game against W. Feliciana.
    22) Central High freshmen football photo and team listing
    23) CMS (Central Middle School) Softball undefeated season story.
    24) CMS soccer information.
    25) Central vs. Denham football recap.
    26) Cental Private football recap
    27) Drewe Burns football award given given to a Central resident.

    In addition, there is the weekly crossword and sudoku puzzle.

    To Dave and the CS staff: Thanks for having a newspaper that promotes the events of Central. You published many event that related to charitable causes this week, with CCN barely giving any coverage. I have heard from the staff at CMS that they send CCN info from their school, and it is rarely printed. Thank you for covering their sporting events and helping promote CMS.

    A comparison between the two papers this week really sums things up. One paper is over indulging itself with political events and connections and biased stories that the editor feels suits his political agenda best. The other paper (CS) actually covers lots of events from the community and lets the readers know what’s going on around the city in a large variety of aspects.

    In the October 14 edition of CCN, Mr. Jenkins said his paper might not exist in the future because of advertisers bailing out on him in support of other choices of advertising (CS and Chamber Directory). It seems he made a desperate attempt this week in going to an LSU football game and taking pictures of Central people to put in his paper in hopes that people would pick it up. Good UNBIASED stories are what make a good paper. Advertisers will stick with that and don’t want to be associated with political rantings and constant criticism.

    Keep it up Dave. I know that more and more people around the city are starting to notice this.

    • dave

      October 24, 2010 at 1:03 pm


      Please contact me about your 12:25 PM post on Sunday 10/24. Need to verify two facts before I let it stay live on the site. Dave@CentralSpeaks.com or 262-3730.


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