Central Community Assistance Foundation: A Worthy Endeavor for Central

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 Submitted by Dr. Janet Stevens


Mr. Ronnie Devall has come out of retirement to join the board of CCAF.  Mr. Devall, a retired Asst. Superintendent and principal believes that CCAF is probably “the most important organization in Central” and very worthy of our efforts.  The CCAF is a new non-profit organization which was formed with a mission to help the students who attend and live in the Central School District or the city of Central and their families. These students and families will be helped when they experience a crisis as in needing food, clothing or shelter. 

Currently the Foundation is in an organizational mode and is not ready to provide assistance nor receive food/clothing donations.  However, the Foundation may receive tax-deductible financial donations – made out to The Central Community Assistance Foundation.  At this time, we are asking for businesses and the community to help fund our first “Treasure Chest”.  Persons contributing will become our first FOUNDATION JEWELS. 

                Double Diamond:             $1,000.00 or more

                Diamond:                            $500.00

                Emerald:                              $250.00

                Ruby:                                    $100.00

                Sapphire:                             $50.00

                Opal:                                     $25.00


Monetary donations can be dropped off at the CCSS School Board Office, any CCSS school or mailed in care of Treasurer Frank Ard,10088 Greenwell Springs Road, Baton Rouge, La 70814.  The offering at the November 17th Central Community Worship Service scheduled for 7 pm, at Zoar Baptist Church will be donated to the Foundation to provide initial funds.

 The Foundation is currently seeking volunteers during this organizational time. If you are interested in any of the 6 committees, please call the chairperson to let them know you can help.

1)  Clothing: Donna McCaskill   PH  261-5431

2) Food:  Lynn Dawson  PH  261-5732

3)  Fundraising:  Debbie Cooper & Cheryl Ard  PH  275-1099

4) Housing:  Janice Green  PH 261-1868

5) Education: Judy Williams and Peggy Faulk  PH 342-4840

6)  Communications: Brockwell Bone  PH 302-8032


Also, the foundation is need of storage space for food and clothing; and emergency shelter (i.e., empty apartments, mother-in-law houses, empty adequate homes) for losses due to house fires, tornados, floods, etc.   Please call the appropriate chairperson listed above if you can help.

Please mark your calendar for December 9th, 6 pm at Central Intermediate Library for the next CCAF community meeting.  Feel free to call Janet Stevens, PH 650-2906, if you have any questions.

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  1. Cheryl

    November 3, 2010 at 4:47 pm

    It would have been nice in the newspaper if CCAF would have been spelled out one time to let the readers know that it stood for
    Central Community Assistance Foundation. It is spelled out on the website but not in the paper that the public received in the mail and picked up around Central. Thank you.

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