Comite Hills West Homeowners Association Has Annual Meeting

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Submitted by Nancy Hicks

The Comite Hills West Homeowners Association held its annual meeting on Sunday, October 24 at the Central Library. The theme for the meeting was safety. Captain Don Strickland, the Central Substation Commander for the Sheriff's Office, gave an update of the hot crimes in our neighborhoods and tips on protecting ourselves such as the use of the Neighborhood Watch Program. Next, Fire Chief Bill Porche and Captain Derek Glover explained the Class 3 rating the Central Fire Department has which allows us to have the lowest insurance for residents. They appealed to us to support the renewal tax on Nov 2 which makes up 33% of their budget. We concluded our meeting with the election of new board members for the coming year. The current and new board members who were present at the meeting are from left Maeshell Goins, Jim McCurry, Rhonda Robillard, Keith Jarvis, Dick Webb, Sue Webb, Hand des Bordes, Sharon Parker and Antoinette Brown. Our members wish to thank Sue Webb, our outgoing President, for her outstanding leadership to our association during her tenure.

Pictured below, top to bottom, are the CHWHA Board, Fire Chief Porche and Captain Glover, and Captain Don Strickland. 

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  1. beth

    October 28, 2010 at 1:45 pm

    The error has since been fixed, but I wanted to apologize for an oversight in the original article. Captain Don Strickland was originally referred to in the article as “Captain of the Central Police Department.” Captain Strickland’s actual position is Central Substation Commander for the Sheriff’s Office.

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