Halloween Candy Buy Back at Dr. Raborn’s Office

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Submitted by Dr. Timothy Raborn’s office

    Halloween is coming, and normally it’s hard for your dentist to get excited about that day because of all the candy your kids will eat.  However, this year will be different.  Don’t you just wish that on the day after Halloween that your kids’ sacks full of candy would just disappear?  Well we can help, and this is something we are very excited about!  THIS YEAR WE’LL BUY THE CANDY FROM YOUR KIDS.  We’re not kidding!  Sure, they can have a few treats on Halloween night and maybe even a couple more for later in the week.  But we’ll take the rest of it and pay them for it!  The candy will be shipped overseas to our courageous troops (who could sure use a treat or two!) serving our country in the Middle East.  In return, we’ll give your kids $1 per pound of donated candy and a fun treat.

    Kids should still dress up, go out, have fun, and yes, even eat some candy.  But after picking out the best of their stash, they will probably have about 10 pounds left, and nobody needs that much candy!

    Bring your kids and your candy in on Monday, November 1st between 3 and 5:15 p.m., and spread the word!  We will still be accepting candy after this date.  Simply drop it by our office at your convenience at 10954 Joor Road here in Central.

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