References to Help You Vote Tuesday: Candidate Websites

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There are lots of important items on this Tuesday's ballot, and there is lots of information to sift through before voting.  In an effort to simplify the process, below are links to the candidates' websites where they list their biographies and platforms.  Some candidates do not seem to have official websites.  For those candidates, try visiting  It is an independent website run by volunteers meant to provide unbiased information on candidates.  You can search for a candidate, and it will list the candidate's stances on the issues. 

The following are the available official websites for the candidates:


Jat Dardenne:

Caroline Fayard:


William Cassidy:

Merritt McDonald: no official website available


Michael Karlton Brown: no official website available

R.A. "Skip" Galan: no official website available

Thomas G. LaFargue: no official website available

William Robert Lang, Sr.:

William R. McShan:

Charlie Melancon:

Sam Houston Melton, Jr.: no official website available

Michael Lane Spears:

David Vitter:

Ernest D. Wooton:

Visit the Election 2010 section of for a list of amendments and summaries that will also be on Tuesday's ballot along with the Central Fire District renewals.

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  1. Ethan Turk

    November 2, 2010 at 7:10 am

    If anyone is living in a new location and needs to find their polling place, this can be a helpful website!

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