Be Hot or Cold: Local Man Works in Louisiana Heat and Siberian Cold

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Submitted by Stan Appling 

Many of you may know Stan Appling as director of the Summer Pool Program at Berean  Ministries- but do you know what he does in the off-season?  For the past 8 years he has been doing Christian missionary work for an average of 7 months per year in Siberia- the heart of Russia! 

            Having first prepared by studying Russian at LSU for two years, Stan gives glory to God for opening doors for him in Russian schools, trade schools, and the linguistics university  in the city of Irkutsk, Russia, which is in the middle of Russia.  He mainly speaks in English classes- sharing about our American culture or just helping them with their English lessons – sometimes half the time speaking in English, and the other half in Russian, so they would be sure to understand.  As opportunity allows, he shares with them about Jesus Christ.  Holidays are an especially good time to do this- for instance, the Russian Christmas is celebrated on January 7th, instead of December 25th.  So, typically,  he may come in on the 24th or 25th of December, and explain the true meaning of Christmas to the students and how it is celebrated in America.  Lately, God opened doors in Ukraine also, and he was able to do an evangelistic meeting  last spring in an old Soviet style theater there.

            Stan works directly with the Evangelical Christians in the part of Siberia who went through the persecution during the Soviet era- hearing their testimonies firsthand. He has passed by a prison where political and religious dissidents were held during that time.  He endures the extreme cold weather and has seen a few winters there where the weather barely got above freezing for a six month stretch!  The thing about Siberia is that it can be below zero for weeks at a time.  He has seen it get a number of times to -40F and once, on a trip to the far northern villages with a Russian pastor- the temperature was down to -50F.   He knew he was far up north when he came out of a house where a Bible study was held, and instead of seeing cars parked outside,  there was a horse-drawn sleigh!  Further along on that trip, the Russian Pastor and Stan had to drive across the six foot thick ice on a river to get to the next village!  Another time, Stan and another Russian brother were knocked off their feet by an earthquake on the ice of Lake Baikal- cracks shooting towards them from far out on the ice of that lake! 

            Some other adventures Stan has found in Russia are speaking at various churches and helping with feeding Siberian street children and helping them to find proper shelter.  In Ukraine he has helped an orphanage to get their children in a local church.   Lately, Stan  worked on a project to get Bibles in the hands of children in Siberia.  Stan Appling, is sent by the local body of Christ, and upheld by their prayers and financial support.  He is available to speak to learning groups, churches, and schools while here.   He realizes that one reason God has blessed America so much is that we reach out to others.  Stan is very thankful for those in our Central community who have reached out  to others abroad. 

            Stan lately came back from Moldova with his soon to be bride, Marina, and after marrying they will seek God’s direction for further missionary work in Ukraine and other Russian speaking countries.

Above: Top: Stan on Lake Baikal, Siberia;  Bottom: Stan in Russian school.  Photos submitted by Stan Appling.

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  1. Dennis Billings

    November 4, 2010 at 9:22 pm

    Dear Stan:
    I am retired businessman and a member of Gideon International who works to distribute Bibles free in all languages, and heard of your missionary work in Siberia Russia.

    My inquire is to find out if you need more Bibles in their language to distribute and if I can help you with getting the material. It appears you are doing a great work, and congradulation to you and Marina for your commitment to marriage and may God bless and keep you forever safe in your life sttuggles together.

    Dennis Billings,
    Ooltewah, TN

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