Today Is Veteran’s Day! Thank the Soldiers in Your Life

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    Veteran’s Day is today.  Take this opportunity to say thank you to those veterans who are still a part of your life, and to remember those who have passed on.  We owe a debt to these soldiers that we cannot repay, so do your best today to express your thanks for their willingness to serve and defend our country. 

    The city is honoring our veterans today with two activities.  A flag was raised this morning at City Hall in honor and memory of our veterans.  A special Veteran’s Day service is being held tonight at 6:00 p.m. at Grace Presbyterian Church (formerly Central Worship Center, across Hooper Road from CMS).  The city wishes to honor as many veterans as possible at this ceremony, so please attend if you are able.  Everyone is invited to the service and to stay for refreshments afterward.

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