Masons Accepting Applications for Dyslexic Class

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Submitted by Rev. Brady Forman

The Masonic Lodge of Central started two new classes on November 8th for dyslexic students. There will be five students in each class. The classes will be for two years.  They meet for one hour after school every day that schools in East Baton Rouge meet. Currently a third class is meeting and will complete its term the last of March, 2011. There are four students in the class. During the past ten years 37 students have completed the two year course. The program is funded locally by the Central Lodge and the Trinity Union Lodge of Baton Rouge and by the Louisiana Grand Lodge.  The program is the Masons’ gift to students in Louisiana.

Applications for students who are not 13 years of age or older and are in the 4th, 5th, and 6th grades are being accepted. Students in the 3rd grade are accepted if they can read and write cursive writing.  Students 13 or older in the 7th through the 11th grades may apply for the class which is a one year program.      Applications are now being accepted.   For an application contact Rev. Brady Forman at 261-9010


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