Central Lodge #442 Installs 2011 Officers

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Submitted by Robert Lee

    On November 13, 2010, Central Lodge #442 met to install the officers for the upcoming year. The Installation of Officers was performed by W: Bro. Harold Ballard, PGM- Installing Master, W: Bro. L. W. Alexander, PM – Installing Marshall, W: Bro. Walter Freeman, PM – Installing Chaplain.

    2011 Officers are: Paul Lawrence- WM, Robert Lee PM- SW, Lyman Parker- JW, Ken Blackwell PM- Treasurer, David James PM- Secretary, Guy Jenkins PM- Chaplain, Luther Perkins- SD, Mike Zaruba- JD, Jeff Knight- MofC, Randolph May- SS, Ted Powell- JS, and Tony Spedale PM- Tyler.

    Pictured Left to Right: Front Row: Robert Lee PM- SW, Luther Perkins-SD, Lyman Parker- JW, Tony Spedale PM- Tyler, Jeff Knight- MofC, Randolph May- SS.   Second Row: L.W. Alexander PM- Installing Marshall, Harold Ballard PGM- Installing Master, Ken Blackwell PM- Treasurer, W. Paul Lawrence- WM, David James PM – Secretary, Walter Freeman PM- Installing Chaplain, Mike Zaruba- JD.

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