Speeding Enforcement in Wax Road

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Submitted by David Barrow

EBR Sheriff’s Deputies will increase radar patrols to catch speeders in the wake of two serious accidents on Old Wax Rd over the weekend.  Speeding was a contributing factor in both accidents.

Currently, Old Wax Rd between Magnolia Bridge and Greenwell Springs Rd is under construction as part of the city’s street rehabilitation work.  The overlay and shoulder work have been completed, but the striping replacement has not been completed.  Due to the ongoing construction, the regular 40 mph speed limit was reduced at the start of the construction project to 30 mph for safety reasons until all work is completed. 

Both accidents occurred Saturday evening on November 27.  In one of the accidents, a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed ran off the road and struck a single family residence.  In the other accident, speeding was a factor as well.  

The city will be installing additional curve warning signs in the curves along the roadway, and the striping will be replaced as soon as all remaining road work is completed.  In the meantime, the Sheriff’s Office Traffic Division will have deputies stationed with radar along the street at various times of the day.

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