Bridlewood Subdivision Drainage Improvements

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Submitted by David Barrow

The city of Central, LA is pleased to announce its first major capital improvements project related to drainage.  The contractor will start work on November 29, 2010 on a project to help alleviate flooding in the Bridlewood subdivision.  Work for this project is being funded through a $115,000 state grant and local funds.  Work is expected to be completed by the end of the year, weather permitting. 

The work consists of clearing and snagging 1700 feet of a 75-foot wide drainage servitude at the southwest corner of the subdivision from Paint Ave to Beaver Bayou.  Throughout the years, the western part of Bridlewood subdivision has experienced severe flooding, with water entering some homes during major floods.  The clearing of this channel is expected to help alleviate some of this flooding not only in Bridlewood subdivision but also in Crystal Place subdivision, which drains through this same channel.


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