CCSS Presenting Career/Tech Advisory Education Meeting Tonight

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Submitted by Tracy Barnes

    Open to the Public. Please join us! The Central Community School System will sponsor a Career and Technical Education Advisory Committee meeting on December 2 at 6:00 PM in the Central High School Library.

Vocational-technical advisory committees advise, assist, and provide support and advocacy for quality programs. The time and energy devoted by the advisory committee helps increase Committee members' knowledge about the vocational program and the instructor's knowledge about the job market, employers' needs, and community opportunities. Vocational-technical advisory committees perform five major roles which include:

1.         Providing information which will update, modify, expand and improve the quality of program(s).

2.         Supporting and strengthening the partnership between business, labor, the community, and education.

3.         Making recommendations that will strengthen and expand the vocational curriculum, and providing assistance in implementing their recommendations.

4.         Identifying and validating academic and occupational competencies, determining priorities, reviewing and evaluating programs.

5.         Articulating long-term goals and objectives of the vocational-technical program to students, parents, employers and the community.

In fulfilling these roles, members provide valuable services in areas such as curriculum development, facilities and equipment, student recruitment and placement, staff development, public relations, community needs, legislative and financial support, and vocational student organization support.


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