CP Varsity Boys Turn Up Heat against Centreville

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Submitted by Coach Palubinskas

Possibly setting a new scoring record for one half, the Central Private Rebel-utionaries scored 34 in the first quarter and 43 in the second quarter against Centreville.  The new mercy rule went into effect, which says that once a team leads by 35 points over their opponent the clock continues to run without stopping.  Why don't they do this for the NBA?  Fans would be pretty ticked.  Anyhow, there would definitely be the possibility of having scored between 130 -150 points.
Again, there were about a dozen blocked shots, 9 dunks, and 13-3pointers, 8 by Simpson Anderson alone.  The salivating Rebs exhibited a sticky defense, using octopus-like tentacles which strangled the hapless de-clawed Tigers.  The defense is definitely responsible for a 43 point quarter. The game pace was too hectic even for one official, who suffered a nagging cramp in his left calf.  He was warned about the zoom-zoom pace the Rebs like to play.  The team continues to get better in preparation for district and state playoffs, which is the goal.

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