Thank You on Behalf of St. Alphonsus

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Submitted by Kathie Wilson, P.E. Teacher at St. Alphonsus School

The Jambalaya Dinner Fundraiser for David Aguillard at St. Alphonsus Catholic School and Church was a huge success. We are so blessed to have such a supportive family here at St. Alphonsus Catholic School and Church. We raised nearly $12,000 to help him cover his additional expenses during this time.

A special thanks goes out to:

• Rodney Averett, Carol Richard, David Lonibos and Dwayne Wilson for cooking the Jambalaya.

• The Men’s Club for cooking the white beans.

• Vicki Whittington for the bake sale.

• All of the teachers that helped sell tickets after mass.

• All of the individuals that helped with the making and distribution of the dinner plates.

• St. John’s school for selling and picking up their dinners.

• Healing Place Church for letting us use the pots.

• Missy Broussard for helping set up the Chase account for David.

• Walmart for donating $200

• Eric Frank Photography for donating $100

• Ross Tire and Service for donating $100

• Empire Scaffolding for donating $100

• Crossroads Animal Hospital – Dr. & Mrs. Tony LeBue for donating $50

• Oak Point for donating $40

• Burnam Paper and Janitorial Supply for donating the Styrofoam plates and selling the rest at cost.

All of those donations were used to help offset the cost of the ingredients.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this a huge success!


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