Happy Holidays and Thank You from the Mayor’s Desk

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     Please allow me to take a moment of your time to remind each of you that this Holiday season we, as citizens of Central, have so very much to be thankful for.  I have taken the liberty to adapt a soliloquy from My Town (circa 1638) and make it my own.

            My Central is the place where my home is found,

            my family is located and where my vote is cast.

            It is where my children and grandchildren are educated;

            where my life simply is.  Central has a right to my civic

            loyalty.  It supports me and I in turn support it.

            Central wants my citizenship, not my partnership;

            My friendliness, not my dissensions;

            My sympathy, not my criticism;

            My intelligence not my indifference;


            Central supplies me with protection, trade, friends, education,

            schools, churches and the right to free moral citizenship.

            Central has some things better than others.

            The best things, I should seek to make better.

            The worst things, I should help to suppress.


            Take it all-in-all.

            It is my city

            And therefore entitled to the best

            there is in me.


            I extend a huge thank you to all that participated in making our Veteran’s Day Ceremony this year a great success.  Without your assistance and donations this event would not have been possible:

Grace Pentecostal Church

Central Worship Center

Winn Dixie

Oak Point Grocery

Community Coffee

Congressman Bill Cassidy

State Representative  Mack “Bodi” White

To all the volunteer man hours so graciously given to make this event come together, I say thank you!

God Bless our Veterans!  God Bless America!  God Bless Central!



            During this season of parties and festive gatherings, enjoy yourself and be safe.  As you celebrate, be sure to plan for a safe trip home.  There are several options available to you:

1)  Always designate a driver that will not be consuming alcohol.

2)  If a designated driver is not an option, you may call for the:

     Mockler Beverage Ride Home:

     926-6400      7 P.M. – 3 A.M.

     You will be picked up by yellow cab and taken home only.

     If you are a resident of Central, the meter will begin as you

     leave the Baton Rouge city limits and run until your arrival

     at your home.  Cash payments only.

     Remember you are a vital part of this community and we value  

     your life.  Take care and enjoy your holiday season!



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