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     Beginning January 13th, there will be a Coupon Page published every week in  It will be the place everyone checks out each week to see what local businesses have a discount or sale going on.  This is effective, affordable advertising encouraging everyone to "Shop Central First".

    Nowhere else in Central can a business get this kind of exposure, for this low price, every single week.  At $35 per week, with 8,000 papers direct mailed to homes and businesses and 4,000 more free every week in stores, each coupon costs the advertiser less than 1/3 of a penny.

    The Coupon Page will have 2" x 2" coupons, each containing a discount or offer from a Central area business and an expiration date.  The cost is $140 for 4 weeks, or take a 20% discount and get 13 weeks for $360.  You may change the details of your coupon as often as you like.  Call at 262-3730 to put your coupon to work in Central's largest circulation newspaper and the only weekly newspaper in the city.

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